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Graco’s Range of FDA Compliant SaniForce Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Four AODD Models that Meet CFR Title 21SaniForce 1040 FDA Compliant AODD Pump

With flows from 16 to 150 gpm and pressures to 120 psi the SaniForce AODD pump line covers a wide range of sanitary applications. The SaniForce 515, 1040, 1590 & 2150 come in stainless steel manifold material with PTFE, Santoprene or EPDM elastomers for handling most fluids that require FDA compliant/sanitary pumps.

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Sandpiper Containment Duty: Prevents Hazardous & Atmospheric Reactive Fluids from Spilling

Posted on by Sara Springer

Specially Designed, Sealless AODD Pumps Provide Extra Protection from Spills

Sandpiper Containment Duty AODD Pump - ET3MSandpiper Containment Duty Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are designed to provide protection from spills for fluids that are hazardous or reactive to atmosphere. By placing a secondary chamber filled with a driver fluid between the outer diaphragm and the air end of the pump, detection of leaks can be acheived before they are able to reach atmosphere. This saves money, time and labor.

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Liquiflo’s POLY-GUARD Pump: Metallic Pump Performance – Sealless, Plastic Pump Cababilities

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sealless, Non-Metallic Wetted Parts with Metallic Gear Pump PerformanceLiquiflo Poly Guard Pump

The Liquiflo POLYGUARD has NO metallic wetted parts, a mag-drive coupling with a PFA lined Containment Can and a stainless steel housing lined with PFA.  Poly-Guard combines the chemical resistance of a fluoropolymer with the strength of stainless steel. Max temperatures to 200° F & differential pressures up to 100 psi.

Typical Applications: inorganic acids, difficult to handle bases or salts, Hydrochloric Acid, Ferric Chloride, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Nitric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide and Chromic.

POLY-GUARD Features & Benefits:

  • Internal/external protection against corrosive fluids & harsh environments
  • Strong stainless steel body:
    • Handles pipe stresses & other harsh industrial conditions
  • Fluoropolymer lined for protection against corrosive liquids
    • Exempt from wicking problems associated with fiber-reinforced housings
    • Retains the pressure integrity expected of all metal pumps
  • Internal components: PEEK, Kynar (PVDF), Teflon, Silicon Carbide and TTZ
  • Pulseless flow for metering & transfer applications
  • Temperatures to 200° f
  • Differential pressures up to 100 psi
  • Available removable port fittings including flanges & sanitary ports
  • Self-sintered SiC shafts with exceptional chemical resistance & wear resistance
  • Alloy-C or carbon fiber Containment Cans lined with PFA:
    • “Alloy-C Can” limits eddy current development & subsequent heat generation
    • “Carbon Fiber Can” eliminates eddy currents altogether!