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Clean Hazardous Locations with GRACO’s Pneumatic Pressure Washer

Posted on by Andrew Springer


If you work in hazardous locations, it can be a challenge to source equipment. Thanks to GRACO’S HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer, you can clean these areas in a safe, efficient manner. 

The HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer is portable, making it easy to wash equipment in place and anywhere on your site. This includes underground locations, on land or sea. Do you have a volatile manufacturing environment? Then you need one of these pressure washers. 

GRACO reports this new HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer uses less water, takes less time to clean and has a longer life than competitors.  

Features to note: 


  • Up to 4,500 psi (310.3 bar) 
  • ATEX approved for hazardous locations 


  • Use with cold or hot water up to 160°F (71°C) 
  • PPE friendly large pressure controls 
  • Includes 5 fan pattern spray tips for various applications 


  • SST pump withstands cleaning chemicals and untreated water 
  • High-quality Graco piston pump technology 
  • Strongest tubular steel cart on the market 

Simplify your hazardous pressure washing needs with GRACO’s HydraClean LT 45:1 Pneumatic Pressure Washer. For more information, please reach out to Springer Pumps today. 


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New Graco® Husky® 3300e Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer


Graco Husky 3300e Poly Large

Graco®’s proven quality and leading technology will keep you pumping longer. Husky® EODD pumps are on the cutting edge of pump technology, providing you a significant decrease in operating costs and more control over your process.


  • Flow rates up to 220 gpm
  • Up to 80% energy reduction vs. pneumatic
  • Runs dry, stalls under pressure, and self-primes
  • Highest quality component materials



  • Up to 80% reduction in energy usage compared to AODD
  • Low pulsation without costly dampeners
  • Near 0 dB in-plant noise pollution
  • Accurately meter fluid with VFD controls*
  • ATEX and explosion-proof motors available

    Graco Husky 3300e SS No Compressor ATEX


  • Runs dry
  • Self primes
  • Stalls under pressure
  • Seal-less design


  • Multiple material options to transfer any industrial fluids
  • Modular design uses the same long-life elastomers as AODD
  • Transfer solids, slurries, and abrasives without damaging the pump or shearing your material


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Sandpiper Evolution Standard Duty Pumps with Optimized Performance

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Sandpiper EvolutionSandpiper has long been a leader in the AODD market, and now they have announced the EVOLUTION Line of Standard Duty Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps. Using the application of advanced engineering methods, Sandpiper Evolution has improved upon the trusted and proven product designs of their Standard Duty pumps. Standard Duty does not mean under performing. Sandpiper’s Standard Duty line outperforms the competition while requiring less maintenance time than the competition and being fully interchangeable with previous models.

EVOLUTION Beats the Competition:

  • Up to 32% Higher Max Flow Rate
  • Up to 67% Less Air Consumption
  • Up to 2.5 Time Better Air Economy
  • 5 Minute Pilot Valve Repair / Replace vs 55+ Minutes for Most Competitors

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Graco’s Husky AODD Pump Complete Line Now Features ANSI/DIN Flanges

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Husky ANSI and DIN Flanged-Pump FamilyHusky pumps are widely known for their performance, reliability and versatility. Now, they feature ANSI/DIN Flanges across the line with a rotatable flange design that makes installation quick and easy.


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Learn More About the Husky 1050e Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Graco 1050e Electric Driven Diaphragm PumpsHusky 1050e EOD pumps offer some advantages over normal AOD pumps. Find out when you should use an EOD pump instead of an AOD and what sets the 1050e series apart from other EOD pumps in this presentation or the PDF.

1050e Features:

  • Low Pulsation Mode
  • Accurate, Repeatable Batch Dispensing
  • No shop air needed
  • Able to run against closed discharge (deadhead)

Watch Videos on Theory of Operation and More for Graco EODD Pumps HERE

View/Download the 1050e Process Tech Tips Presentation Notes HERE:

Discover How to use the Graco Motor Control Unit in this Videos HERE:

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Graco SaniForce Try Before You Buy Program

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Graco SaniForce Try Before You Buy ProgramGraco’s new Try Before You Buy program allows you to try SaniForce products for free in your facility before making your purchasing decision. Specify a unit, use it and see if it performs. If it doesn’t simply return it. No secret clauses, charges (hidden or otherwise). A true Try Before You Buy program.

SaniForce offers the best in sanitary pumping with Piston Pumps, Air Operated and Electrically Operated Diaphragm Pumps, CIP Diaphragm Pumps and Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers.



Graco SaniForce Products

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Graco 1050e Makes the Cut for Product of the Year

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Plant Engineering Magazine Product of the Year AwardThe Graco Husky 1050e Pump Chosen as Product of the Year Finalist by Plant Engineering Magazine

Graco Husky 1050e: The Husky 1050e is the only electric double diaphragm pump on the market that will stall under pressure to prevent pump and system failures due to line clogs or closed valves. Featuring a patent-pending air-charged drive, the Husky 1050e has the ability to virtually eliminate pulsation at the fluid outlet without a pulsation dampener, can stall under pressure without additional switches and controls, and increases diaphragm life without compromising fluid.

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Watson-Marlow 630 Pumps Supercede the 620 Range

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

630 range of peristaltic pumps offer four drive options, color display and intuitive menu structure provide visual status indication and minimal key presses.

Watson-Marlow 630 Peristaltic PumpsFeatures and Benefits:


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Graco Husky 1050 Natural Gas Diaphragm Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

One Inch AODD Pumps for Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas

Graco Husky 1050 Natural Gas PumpGraco is pleased to announce a new line of Husky™ 1050 natural gas-operated double diaphragm pumps for the midstream and upstream oil and gas markets. Conforming to CSA/AM ANSI STD LC 6 and certified to CSA STD T.I.L. No. R-14, Graco’s expanded line of one-inch (25 mm) pumps safely operate on natural gas or compressed air.

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Graco Abrasion Resistant Diaphragm Pumps for Drilling Applications

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Graco Husky 3300 Abrasion Resistant PumpGraco Abrasion Resistant Diaphragm Pumps are specifically designed for mining and other high abrasion applications. Aluminum bodied, rugged construction and time tested design make these pumps the workhorse of the industry. They range from 1″ to 3″ and can deliver up to 300 gpm. Contact us today for more information or a quote.