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GRACO’s Quantm Electric Pump: A Game Changer for Hygienic Applications

Posted on by Sara Springer

Graco’s Quantm™ electric pump is an ideal solution for hygienic applications. Its performance is superior to most competitors’ products, is easy to operate, uses up to 80% less energy consumption, is quiet, lightweight, reliable, has remote operation options available, and is drop-in ready.

The Quantm™ pump provides all the features and benefits of air-operated pumps in an efficient, sustainable package!

Features of the Quantm™ Electric Motor for your hygienic application include:

  • Motor-Driven eliminates compressed air use)
  • Self-Priming
  • Dry-Priming
  • Stalls against closed or blocked discharge (without Bypass or Pressure Relief Valve)
  • Seal-less (no seals to leak and replace)
  • Low shear (won’t turn cream into butter)
  • Handles abrasives
  • Handles solids
  • Integral Controls (separate VFD not required)

The Quantm™ electric pump replaces existing pumps, including the following:

Replaces Lobe Pumps


  • performance-reducing rotor wear
  • COP lobe and seal damage
  • Expensive Lobe and Seal replacement
  • Housing re-machining and oversized rotors
  • Downtime

Replaces Centrifugal pumps

  • Eliminates Seals
    • Safer, cleaner workplace
    • Expensive Impeller and Seal replacement
    • Downtime
  • Pumps delicate products without damage

Replaces Progressive Cavity pumps

  • Eliminates Rotor, Stator, and Seal damage caused by
    • Dry-Priming
    • Dry-Running

Replaces Air operated pumps

  • Eliminates expensive air consumption!
  • Smooth consistent flow
  • Improved diaphragm life (eliminates ‘runaway’ condition that puts needless wear on diaphragms)

Replaces other PD pumps

  • Seal-less for leak-free performance
  • Self-Priming / Dry-Priming
  • Dry-Running
  • Pumps abrasive slurries – No close-fitting, sliding or rotating elements!
  • Pumps shear sensitive products – low shear!

Trial Pumps available – Contact us Today!

You can test Graco’s Quantm™ in your facility and see the difference for yourself. Reach out to SPRINGER PUMPS today for more information or to receive a quote about these game-changer pumps.

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