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Liquiflo FTS-Series Pumps: High Suction Lift, Run-Dry Capable PD Pumps!

Liquiflo’s FTS-Series lobe pumps outperform all other pump technologies in suction lift capability and dry-run performance. The unique tri-lobe design with spring-loaded contact blades allows the pump to develop a significant vacuum for the outstanding dry lifting of liquids and self-priming capability. The blades made from an engineered resin allow for virtually continuous dry run use without damage to the pump.


New Graco® Husky® 3300e Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Graco®’s proven quality and leading technology will keep you pumping longer. Husky® EODD pumps are on the cutting edge of pump technology, providing you a significant decrease in operating costs and more control over your process.


GuardEX Metallic Diaphragm Pumps

These new 3″ models of NOMAD® pumps from JDA replace Wilden® PV/PX series pumps which are now obsolete. They are best suited to solvent and ATEX applications. Save money by saving your pumps. Don’t switch to the new Wilden pumps, repair your existing pumps with NOMAD® parts or replace them with drop-in equivalents from NOMAD®.


Do You Know the Viscosity of Your Process Fluid?

Watson-Marlow Now Offers Product Viscosity Testing Watson-Marlow pumps are designed to pump viscous products with ease but not every customer knows the actual viscosity of their product. Most products are shear-thinning, but some are shear-thickening, both can lead to the […]