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Prerostal™ Matched Flow and Clean Wet-Wells

A method of matching pump outflow to pump station inflow without the need for additional flow control or additional electrical equipment such as inverter drives. A highly effective sump cleaning system with the need for any additional mechanical or electrical items, such as grinders, bar screens, or mixers.


Essential Manufacturing Process: Hand Sanitizer Production

AODD Pumps are fast/simple to install & powered by air (no electric wiring needed)
Simple versatile construction with the ability to pump very viscous/non-viscous materials
Ideal for the mixing of alcohols/gels and transferring products
Ability to run dry without damaging internal wear parts and excellent suction lift
No need to prime or worry if there is an interruption of the product being pumped


FLUX Pump Kits for Disinfectants, Sanitizers & Cleaning Agents

For 70 years, FLUX drum and container pumps have been synonymous with quality, safety and durability. FLUX offers complete packaged pump kits for pumping, dosing and mixing disinfectants, cleaning agents and their ingredients from carboys, small containers, drums, totes and IBCs, as well as customized, individual solutions tailored to specific application requirements.


QPOD Plug and Play Chemical Feed Skid Enclosure with Qdos Pump!

Instead of buying a Qdos pump and then the PRV, gauge, connecting piping, calibration column and potentially and custom enclosures separately, buy them together! Simplify your chemical dosing. The box comes with tote mounting hooks for quick and easy installation on a variety of different liquid tote types. A complete system is comprised of only three part numbers; the pump, the box and the ancillary assembly.