The AODD BEAST of Sandpiper: SPB20 2” (50 mm) AODD Heavy-Duty Flap Valve Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

They call it the BEAST for a reason. Specifically engineered for heavy-duty pumping needs, this AODD pump by Sandpiper® is capable of handling abrasive or viscous fluids or fluids containing solids or packable materials. It’s a rugged, clog-resistant heavy-duty pump that won’t need to be serviced all the time, making it an ideal candidate for the mining, chemical, meat and poultry industries. Otherwise known as the SPB20 2” (50 mm) AODD Heavy-Duty Flap Valve Pump, the BEAST AODD is a descendent of the first AODD pump manufactured by Warren Rupp® — the founder of SANDPIPER’s parent company.

The BEAST is unlike anything else on the market — it performs in harsh conditions where others cannot. That’s how the company came to develop several innovations that would differentiate its heavy-duty pumps for years to come, including:

  1. A flap valve that allows larger solids to pass through it
  2. Top suction and bottom discharge, allowing the pump to use gravity to its advantage

In addition, these pumps boast thick casting walls, chamber materials, and injection molded parts, making them durable in the harshest of conditions. SANDPIPER® engineers further improved the heavy-duty flap valve pump design thanks to the detailed customer feedback which became their new iteration — The Beast (launched in April 2022).

Why is the Beast the best? Check out these improved features:

  • The Beast’s flap shape and flap area geometry prevent solids from accumulating and flush them out, so they don’t hold open the flaps.
  • The Beast’s flaps are available in chemically resistant 316 stainless steel. Other material options are available, allowing them to be used with harsh chemicals.
  • Metallic Beast pumps are available in aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. The non-metallic Beast pump is currently available in polypropylene. Lightweight options like aluminum and polypropylene are ideal for applications that require portability, such as underground mining applications.

If you are processing harsh or abrasive fluids, a combination of slurries, partial solids, or compactible materials that push other pumps past their limits, it’s time to invest in a BEAST AODD Pump from Sandpiper Pumps. For more information or to receive a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS®.