NEW Muffler for Large Standard Pumps from Sandpiper

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sandpiper Pumps® has announced they will be using a new muffler for some of it’s large, standard duty pumps due to supply and pricing. This change has improved function, kept the cost down for consumers and ensured a steady supply chain for Sandpiper’s dedicated clients.

The new conductive polypropylene muffler will replace the 530.033.000 muffler. The new muffler is part number 530.058.000 and will be used on all standard duty pumps with a 1” exhaust port where 530.033.000 is used today. Pump ATEX ratings will not change. The 530.058.000 muffler is ATEX II and ATEX I compliant.

All SANDPIPER® 1″ thru 3″ Standard Duty, T-Series, and F-Series pumps with a 1” exhaust port will feature these updated mufflers and prevents pump delivery delays and corrosion resistant for extended wear.

For questions or concerns with the new mufflers from Sandpiper Pumps, contact Springer Pumps® today.

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