Springer Pumps Company Profile

Established in 1965 in Eastern Pennsylvania we are focused on fluid handling solutions for the Food & Beverage, CPI, Personal Care, Utility, Refining, Power Generation and Industrial Waste Water markets in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Think Pumps, Think Springer!

Think about your pantry. Springer Pumps put that peanut butter in that jar, the caramel in that kiss and the water in that bottle. In your bathroom your personal care items were packaged using Springer Pump. Start your car. Think about how far the petrol (antifreeze, oils and greases) moved to get there. Ditto with your household chemicals: paints, cleaners etc. Our pumps and mixers were part of that process.

Think Pump Parts, Think Springer Parts!

Springer Pumps, LLC is pleased to offer Springer Parts! Springer Parts are aftermarket replacement parts, kits, replacement mechanical seals, mixer parts and heat exchanger parts. Don’t pay OEM prices. SPLLC proudly offers Springer Parts at 20 – 40% below OEM.

We specialize in pumps, mixers and controls, so you don’t have to. Not sure of the best pump for your application? Our experienced Application Engineers are available to help you select the most cost effective solution for your application. So whether you’re pumping water, acid, peanut butter, polymer, resin, icing, adhesive, fruit filling, resin or chocolate, we’ve got the pump, mixer and controls for the job!

Having problems with an existing pump? If it’s broken – we’ll fix it. We repair most pumps and mixers. We can rebuild your mixer, making it more efficient, for less than the cost of a new unit.

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