Videos: Operating and Applications

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BLACOH Fluid Control

BLACOH Fluid Control provides a wide range of industrial products for pumping and fluid processing systems: pulsation dampeners that reach pressures up to 15,000 PSI to diaphragm seals and spill containment units that prevent leaks and system failures. Contact our engineering or sales team for personalized technical support and help in providing the right solution for your system’s needs.

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Bredel and APEX Hose Pumps

Bredel and APEX Hose Pumps are the leading peristaltic pumps for industrial applications across the world. Incredible durability and reliability make hose pumps ideal for caustic and abrasive service applications. They only have one wetted part, the hose, and have no seals. Hose changes are all that are required for routine maintenance. From heavy, settling slurries to caustic chemicals Bredel and APEX Hose Pumps are an ideal solution.

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FLUX Pumps

FLUX is the worldwide leader in drum pumps. They provide electric and air operated models, with centrifugal impellers or progressive cavity models. New innovations include a battery powered, small drum pump and an IBC/Container specific pump designed for tight spaces and ease of use. Find out more at Springer Pumps.

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GEA Tuchenhagen

GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries.

GEA offers tank & vessel cleaning equipment for almost any size and shape. These include stationary and rotating spray balls, and rotating tank jets as well as automation and monitoring equipment. Tank cleaning technology from GEA reduces the cost, time, material and labor needed to clean/sanitize vessels and decreases downtime between process changeovers.

GEA also manufactures Product Recovery Systems, otherwise known as pigging systems, for the food & beverage, sanitary, chemical, pharmaceutical and other markets. Featuring full or partial automation, accurate pig detection, up to 99% product recovery and reductions in CIP and effluent needs, Product Recovery Systems from GEA can reduce company’s bottom line and reduce process/cleaning times dramatically.

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Husky EODD Pumps

Husky e-Series EODD Pumps are a step forward in Diaphragm Pumping technology. Using an electric motor with a patented drive system allows the pump to continue to run against a closed discharge. They are quieter, more efficient and have a unique pulsation free mode. Find out more at Springer Pumps.

Watch Graco EODD Videos HERE Watch Graco EODD Maintenance & Repair Videos HERE
Graco Process Equipment

Graco manufactures a wide range of process equipment including Air Operated and Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Piston Pumps, Eccentric Hose Pumps and Drum Unloaders.

Graco constantly improves their product lines with innovative and useful upgrades.

Watch Graco Process Equipment Videos HERE Watch Graco Process Equipment Maintenance & Repair Videos HERE
Graco SaniForce Sanitary Equipment

Graco’s SaniForce pump line moves material fast and increases your plants efficiency. We have the ability to pump a wide range of viscosities from fruit juice and pizza sauce to caramel and peanut butter for food, dairy, beverage and personal care applications. Our line of food grade sanitary pumps include air-operated double diaphragm pumps, piston transfer pumps, drum unloaders, bin evacuation systems (BES) and high pressure cleaning packages.

Graco’s process equipment line includes double diaphragm pumps, peristaltic hose pumps, piston pumps and high pressure cleaning equipment for low to high viscosity fluids for a variety of aggressive applications.

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Sinusoidal pumping explained:

The MasoSine pump is a highly reliable and economical Positive Displacement Pump for sanitary and industrial applications. Our exclusive sinusoidal rotor overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation, and gentle handling.

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QTS Twin Screw Pumps

At Q-PUMPS, we have the best solutions for your sanitary processes. We offer a complete range of products for assembly-line fluid transport, for all types of fluids.

We ensure that our products comply with American and European standards (NEMA motors and IEC B14/B5 motors). We currently offer a variety of top quality, profitable available options and immediate delivery times. Meeting the needs of our clients located in over twenty-two countries around the world.

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Warren Rupp Sandpiper Pumps

Warren Rupp Sandpiper pumps are the original AODD Pumps. They are tried and true. Their newest innovations include the non-metallic flap valve pumps: light-weight, heavy duty pumps able to handle large solids and slurries. They also have AirVantage energy saving technology which can drastically reduce air consumption for operations running lots of AODD pumps.

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