QUANTM EODD Finalist in 2024 Pump Industry Awards

Posted on by Sara Springer

Graco’s revolutionary new pump line QUANTM™ EODD has be nominated not once, but twice as a finalist for this year’s Pump Industry Awards. Gaining notoriety for their efficiency and low environmental impact, QUANTM™ EODD Pumps are entered into the Product of the Year and Environmental Contribution of the Year categories.

Originally released to the market in 2022, QUANTM™ Electric Operated offers plenty of perks including low energy use, can fit in small spaces, can run dry, are kind to our ecosystems, will easily install into your existing system and will save you boat loads worth of money. Regardless of your industry, there is a QUANTM™ pump to get the job done. No wonder this new pump line is getting so much attention.

We can’t say it enough at Springer Pumps®, QUANTM™ Electronic Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps by GRACO® are paving the way of the future. Winners will be announced March 14th, 2024 and we look forward to congratulating the GRACO™ team on a double win for both 2024 Pump Industry Awards categories.

For more information on QUANTM™ EODD pumps by GRACO® please contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today.


Quantm EODD Pump Brochure