Centrifugal Pumps for Sanitary & Non-Sanitary Applications: The QC/QC+ Series Pumps by Q Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

There is nothing better than a piece of equipment that performs well, is interchangeable with other brands and is easy to maintain. That is what you get from the QC+ line by Q Pumps, a reliable, work horse that plays well with others in your facility. 

Ideal for the food, beverage and agrochemical industries, the QC+ Series pumps offer both sanitary and non-sanitary options. This line excels at pumping liquids like water, oils, juices, sauces, dairy, fertilizers, soda, most sulphatic mixes and over 100 additional applications. 

Additional features of the QC/QC+ Series by Q Pumps by Q Pumps: 

  • Easy to Assemble or Disassemble 
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Excellent Lead Times 
  • Interchangeable with other brands 
  • High flow Pressures up to 130 psi 
  • Viscosity up to 600 cps 
  • Widest Range of sizes starting from QC-100- QC-6410 

 The QC/QC+ Centrifugal Pump Series by Q Pumps is a safe, reliable choice that is a breeze to work on, making it a solid choice for the next addition to your manufacturing system. For more information, please contact SPRINGER PUMPS ® today. 

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