The Most Convenient AODD Pump That Packs a Punch: Sandpiper’s EVOLUTION X® Pump Series

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sandpiper continues to improve it’s equipment with stunning results seen in the AODD EVOLUTION 1” Metallic Pumps Series. The innovations are impressive and ready to make a difference in your operating system today. 

One of the most challenging aspects of AODD pumps was equipment maintenance until Sandpiper improved their pumps. Now, the EVOLUTION ® Pump series makes daily care and repair simple, efficient, and fast. 

Convenient details of the EVOLUTION Pump Series by Sandpiper®: 

Reduced service time: Evolution X takes, on average, five minutes to service the air distribution system compared to 45 minutes on average for other AODD pumps.  

Serviceability: All the wet side nuts and bolts are the same size & length, and the use of washers has been eliminated. In fact, the EvolutionX has 50% fewer fasteners than the previous model. 

Accessibility: You can access 95% of airside components by removing only four bolts revealing an easily removable cartridge style main air valve and pilot valve assembly. 

Improved stability for increased safety: We have added “stand-off feet” to the inner chambers to stabilize the pump on the workbench during disassembly 

The AODD EVOLUTION Pump Series is also highly effective thanks to improved safety and efficiency levels through reduction in energy use and a 20% average increase in air efficiency throughout the entire curve over our prior model. The EvolutionX also boasts the highest flow rate of any other 1” AODD pump. 

There are 3 port choices available for the EVOLUTION ® pump series including the standard Universal ANSI/DIN Flanged Center Ported pumps, and options for a Universal ANSI/DIN Flanged Dual Ported or a Universal ANSI/DIN Flanged End Ported pump. 

For more information on Sandpiper’s EVOLUTION X Pump Series contact Springer Pumps. 

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Evolution X 0523 SPEC SHEET

Evolution X 052623 SPEC SHEET