Decades of True Grit: Hidrostal’s Tailings Transfer Pumps for Mud Pumping

Posted on by Sara Springer

Time has proven Hidrostal’s tailing transfer pumps are heavy duty, hardworking pieces equipment that will run for decades in the field, in the most challenging of applications. With little required maintenance and reliability, these pumps can be trusted to get the job done day after day. 

In a recent case study, an aluminum mining company discovered they had been using the same Hidrostal®D4KLT4+D2M Pumps for their mud pumping for over 30 years for transferring Bauxite tailings. Installed in the late 80’s, the pumps had been so reliable that decades have passed without the company realizing. Now that it is time to upgrade their system, they are installing modern D4K-LT4+D2M bare pumps due to their proven track record. 

Hidrostal screw centrifugal Pumps are submersible, non-clogging and known for their durability. They can pump general effluent, municipal and industrial wastewater that includes solids, rags, and other common materials. In addition, the impeller is designed to process various solids across the mining industry, making it ideal for applications including wastewater, mining, construction, and food & beverage industries. 

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