No More Product Degradation with MasoSine Certa 800 Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Say goodbye to costly product degradation when you install a Masosine Certa® 800 Pump into your food and beverage facility, making this pump ideal for dairy (cheese), fruit , vegetable and meat industries. This new pump gently handles your product while featuring flow rates up to 255 m3/h, and has shown an ROI in less than 18 months during trial testing.

The key to gentle pumping is the Certa® 800 has no rotors that would traditionally chop the daylights out of anything that could pass through the pump. The Certa® 800 instead boasts a the sinusoidal rotor gently handles soft solids without blockages and without damaging the ingredients.

Rated at a maximum pressure of 15 bar, the Certa® 800 delivers pump speed up to 400 rpm, flow per revolution of 10.64 litres and maximum flow of 255 m3/h.

The Certa® 800 Pump also improves product integrity to reduce manufacturing costs, and offers more sustainable food transfer. The reduction of shear cuts power consumption by up to 50% with high-viscosity fluids. And, with an EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certified hygienic design, CIP cycles and the amount of water/cleaning agents consumed are also reduced. 

Notable features of the Certa® 800 Pump:

 Hygienic design

  • EHEDG Type EL – Class I
  • Now with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • All contact parts FDA and EG1935 compliant

 Virtually pulse free

  • Smooth product flow, no need for ancillary dampeners
  • Up to 255,000 L/h, 8 million cP and 15 bar

Low shear handling

  • Prevents aeration foaming
  • Improves yield and maintains product quality

Lowest cost of ownership

  • Reduced CIP cycle time and reduced cleaning agents
  • Maintenance can be carried out within minutes. Pump can remain in the system for maintenance. No need to take it to the maintenance shop.

Energy efficient

  • Up to 50 % less power consumption than lobe or circumferential pumps
  • Higher energy efficiency at higher viscosities

Additional Benefits

  • Gentle product handling preserves high quality of product – superior viscous handling
  • EHEDG Type EL Class I – now also with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • Impressive suction capability: -12.3 psi (atm)
  • Low shear and virtually no pulsation
  • Outstanding energy efficient pumping principle – up to 50 % less power than other pumps
  • Only one shaft and one seal system – different port orientations available
  • Bi-directional running
  • Two year warranty

If you need a gentle pump to eliminate product degradation that also packs a punch, get a MasonSine Certa® 800 Pump from SPRINGER PUMPS®. Please reach out to us to receive a quote or to place an order today.


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