Be a Pro Agitator with UET Mixers

Posted on by Sara Springer

With over 30 years experience, there’s a reason we carry UET Mixers and Agitators, their products are consistently exceptional and apply to both common and custom applications. These Mixers and agitators are made domestically in the great state of Maine in an employee owned business. Big jobs, little jobs, simple processes or complex ones, UET Mixers has a product hat was made for you with care, right her in the U.S.A.

UET Mixers also has decades of experience with specific sealing requirements making them a partner for that job typical mechanical seals can’t handle. Their magnetic drive mixers can be custom built for extreme pressure and temperature operations.

But will UET Mixers be able to meet the challenge of your application? Yes, they can. Used in many industries, this versatile line of mixers can be applied to the water treatment, chemical, pulp, paper and petroleum industries. Read their brochure here to see the wide range of mixers and agitators available and how you can utilize them in your process.