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The Food & Beverage Industry’s New Best Friend: QUANTM EODD Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Man has a best friend and now so does the food and beverage industry. The QUANTM® EODD Pump by GRACO ® are FDA compliant for sanitary applications, are energy efficient, and are gentle on your fluids. 

Interested? Here are some additional details about the QUANTM® EODD Pumps: 

  • All FDA compliant fluid sections and tri-clamp connections for accelerated cleaning and minimal down time 
  • Ability to stall under pressure for dispensing or filling applications without need for a circulation line 
  • gentle pumping for shear sensitive materials 
  • durable pump construction handles particulates and abrasives in material without damage to pump  
  • worry free pump design without rotatable seal prevents leaking and need for flushing 
  • Ideal applications include edible oils, juices, concentrates, beverages, condiments, dressings, wine, beer, spirits, personal care, and pharmaceuticals 

In addition, the QUANTM® EODD Pumps are customizable to your specific fluids so you can create the pump you need with multiple material offerings for manifolds, seats, balls, and diaphragms.  

Upgrade your food and beverage operation with a QUANTM EODD Pump today. For more information or to receive a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS®. 

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Built for a Sustainable Future: QUANTM EODD Pumps by GRACO 

Posted on by Sara Springer

Your business cares about the future of our planet and demands sustainable solutions within your facility that align with your environmental principles. Graco’s QUANTM EODD Pumps offer a variety of energy efficient, low impact options that will exceed your expectations and deliver the performance you’ll come to rely on. 

Designed to meet the growing demand for clean energy and sustainable technologies, QUANTM is the world’s first (and only) affordable electric operated double diaphragm (EODD) pump built to minimize energy consumption by cutting energy usage and costs by up to 80%. Innovative, new FluxCore motors and drives provide up to 8x more continuous torque at low speeds while minimizing size and resistance losses These revolutionary pumps are easy to clean, simple to maintain, and require less energy to operate—providing a lower cost of ownership. Graco’s seal-less and self-priming diaphragm pump design delivers clear advantages over all other pumps, including centrifugal, lobe, gear, progressive cavity, peristatic and piston/plunger technologies. 

Regardless of your industry, there’s a QUANTM® pump designed for your application. Here’s a look some of the QUANTM’s key features: 

  • Quieter operation and smaller footprint enable easier installation and service—the design can pay for itself in energy savings under a year. 
  • Only electric diaphragm pump that stalls under pressure, eliminating the need for pressure sensors and additional controls to prevent pump failures and reduce downtime. 
  • Integrated I/O allows for remote operation and speed control to minimize operator oversight. 
  • Smart control technology adjusts pump speed to aid in priming or prevent dry running cavitation that damages pumps. 
  • Plug-and-play installation for fast, easy and affordable transfer operations upgrades 

For more information on GRACO’s sustainable QUANTM® EODD Pumps, contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today. 

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Industrial Quantm™ Electric Pumps by Graco: A Massive Leap Forward for Your Facility

Posted on by Sara Springer

Graco’s Quantm™ electric pump is a game changer for your facility. Its performance is superior to most competitors’ products, uses up to 80% less energy consumption, runs without compressed air, won’t freeze, is available in 1”, 1.5”, or 2” models with remote operation options, and is drop-in ready. You need this pump for a smooth 2023 operation.

Features of the Quantm™ Electric Motor for Industrial applications include:

  • Pumps abrasive slurries – No close-fitting, sliding, or rotating elements!
  • Pumps shear sensitive products – low shear!
  • Available with Teflon™ wetted elements for ‘universal’ chemical compatibility!
  • Hazardous Location models are available!
  • It helps meet your ESG Goals!
  • Sealless, leak-free performance: Self-Priming / Dry-Priming, Dry-Running

The Quantm™ pumps are also ideal replacements for the following pumps:

Replaces Gear pumps

  • Excellent for paint, inks, abrasive slurries
  • Runs dry without damage

Replaces Progressive Cavity pumps

  • Eliminates Rotor and Stator damage caused by
    • Dry-Priming
    • Dry-Running

Replaces air-operated pumps

  • Eliminates air consumption
  • Smooth, consistent flow
  • Improved diaphragm life (eliminates ‘runaway’ condition)

Trial Pumps available – Contact us today!

You can test Graco’s Quantm™ in your facility and see the difference for yourself. Reach out to SPRINGER PUMPS® today for more information or to receive a quote about these game-changer pumps.

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