Eliminate Dissolved Oxygen in Your Beer Manufacturing with Aflex FaBLINE Hoses by Watson Marlow

Posted on by Sara Springer

Did you know silicone hoses let air into your beer manufacturing or transfer process? Unfortunately, it is true. Eliminate the risk of spoiled beer, maintain product quality, and extend the shelf life of your beverages with Aflex FaBLINE® Hoses from Watson Marlow®.
Developed to meet the latest hygiene standards, the patented PTFE-lined hose with standard 316 stainless steel braid ensures efficient product transfer and handling while simultaneously offering an exceptionally long service life.
The design allows the PTFE liner to expand around the outside and compress around the inside of a bend. This helps to retain a smooth circular bore throughout the hose, without distortion, resulting in smooth, consistent flow with minimal turbulence.
This construction is ideal for the repetitive up-and-down action of food and beverage processing equipment, like the can-filling machine at breweries. Laboratory tests have demonstrated that the FaBLINE® hose construction can withstand more than 100,000 cycles of repetitive action, with small bending radii, at maximum working pressure, compared to competitor hoses that fail after less than 13,400 cycles.

Additional features of Aflex FaBLINE Hoses:

  • Highly flexible and kink-resistant
  • Available with either natural or anti-static patented PTFE liner
  • Industry leading twenty-four-month guarantee.
  • No adhesives in hose manufacture eliminate the risk of contamination.
  • Up to 80mm bore and hose lengths of up to 30 meters.
  • General purpose or anti-static options
  • No entrapment zones.
  • Minimal turbulence means a faster flow rate.
  • Excellent internal cleanability
  • Longer service life

Get your hands on a hose line that will make an immediate difference in your beer production. For more information on Watson Marlow’s Aflex FaBLINE® Hoses, contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today.



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