Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Husky EODD Pump by GRACO

Posted on by Sara Springer

There’s many pump options out there that could potentially work for your operation so, why choose a Husky EODD Pump by GRACO? We’ve got a quick run down of the top 10 reasons you need to install a Husky electric operated double diaphragm pump into your facility today.

Ready for the quick run down? Here’s SPRINGER PUMPS’s top ten reasons to your hands on a Husky EODD pump by Graco:

Energy-efficient: Powered by innovation. This EODD has a patented energy-efficient electric drive. The Husky EODD pumps consumes minimal air with a limited amount of air used to pressurize the inner chamber, this air remains inside the pump. This translates into lower operating costs.

Say Goodbye to expensive equipment: Gone are the days of needing to install additional deadhead protection equipment like recirculation lines, pressure sensors, or motor management controllers into your system.

Stalls under pressure: An important advantage of the Husky EODD pump is that it is the singular EODD pump on the market that stalls under pressure! This eliminates the risk of damaging the pump or pipeline when it is blocked or a valve is closed.

Low pulsation mode: For applications that require low pulsation and a smooth flow, consider the Husky EODD technology. The patented drive allows for the elimination or reduction of pulsation without expensive dampeners or surge tanks.

Flow control and batch dispense: The Graco EODD Motor Control offers two control methods. Flow Control allows the pump to control its flow by increasing or decreasing the speed of the motor. The controller can be set to a specific desired flow rate, including maximum acceleration and deceleration. In Batch Dispense Mode, the pump dispenses a user-specified amount of material. The dispense flow rate and other characteristics can be specified by the user.

Self-priming: The Husky EODD is self-priming and has excellent suction capabilities. There is no need to install additional equipment to guarantee constant flow.

Dry running: Because of its unique diaphragm lock system, the Husky EODD can run dry indefinitely without any damage to its inner mechanism or its diaphragms. When the fluid supply is interrupted and the pump runs dry, the pressure difference between the air and fluid sides of the membranes causes them to decouple from the drive and remain stationary, while the drive keeps turning.

Sealless design: The Husky EODD has no sensitive mechanical seals, which significantly improves its life expectancy. Seals used in other pumps are often difficult and expensive to replace.

Low maintenance costs: No sensitive parts are used to manufacture the Husky EODD pump, and its diaphragms last up to five times longer than traditional pump components.

Wide operating range: The Husky EODD can be configured for any application and it can easily handle slurries, abrasives, shear-sensitive materials, and a wide variety of chemical substances.

In addition to these top ten reasons you should invest in a Husky EODD pump, it is also important to note how quiet this pump is. If you are looking for a work environment void of loud noise, this is your answer. The Husky EODD does not require a muffler to dampen the noise caused by the air emitted by an air motor, so it runs much more quietly than AODD pumps.

For more information information on GRACO’s Husky EODD line of pumps or to resquest a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS today.