800 Series Hi-Flow Hygienic CIP/SIP Pumps From Watson-Marlow Bredel.

Posted on by Sara Springer

800 Series Peristaltic Pumps Are Hi-Flow, Hygienic Pumps that are CIP/SIP capable.

They are designed to be Easy to Use and to Limit Downtime.  The 800 series pumps have been designed for hygienic pumping up to 8000 liters/hour and pressures to 3.5 bar (51 psi). The pump heads are constructed of aluminum with a white epoxy powder coated finish.  They offer true CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) capability, as the rollers retract to a non-occluding position, allowing an unrestricted flow-through path for cleaning.

WMB 800series

Features and Benefits:

  • Twin stainless steel rollers.
  • Hinged door with two captive bolts makes changing tubes extremely simple and safe.
  • Use USP Class VI Bioprene tubing for 2 bar (29 psi) and 3.5 bar (51 psi) operation.
  • Tube elements complete with hygienic connectors or tubing in extended element lengths for fitting end user’s own connectors.
  • Bare shaft pump heads are able to take a range of foot-mounted motors with flexible couplings.
  • Pumpheads accept IEC B5 output flange-mounted gear motors.


CIP/SIP Capabilities:800sani Fittings

The 800 series pump head incorporates retractable roller mechanisms that allow clean-in-place or steam-in-place hose cleaning. The roller mechanisms are simply unlocked and disengaged from the standard pumping position, providing maximum cleaning capacity via a free flow of cleaning agents through the hose.

The 800 series can be steamed-in-place at 135°C (2 bar) for a duration of one hour. Allow 15 minutes for the pump to return to ambient temperature prior to restarting the pump.

Watson-Marlow Bredel offers an Unmatched 2 Year Warranty on the 800 Series Pump to Protect Against Manufacturers Defects.