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Certa 100 and 200 Pumps Now Available from MasoSine

Posted on by Sara Springer

Certa Pumps now Available in 1″ and 2″ Sizes

Certa Flow Path AnimationCerta offers many advantages over lobe and circumferential piston pumps, especially when pumping high viscosity fluids. You can use a smaller Certa in place of a larger competitive pump type due to Certa’s low NIPR. They also require less horsepower for the same process conditions, which increases the pump’s efficiency and reduces it’s energy consumption.

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Certa – for Low Shear, Superior Viscous Product Handling with Virtually no Pulsation

Posted on by Sara Springer

Certa is the latest innovation from MasoSine Process Pumps, the creators of Sine® pump technology.

Certa Pump with Cover RemovedIts launch sets even higher pumping standards in food, beverage and cosmetics processing. Offering EHEDG (Type EL Class I) and 3A certification as standard, Certa is extremely easy to clean for minimal maintenance and downtime.

This advanced new innovation in food pump technology not only delivers the high suction capability to handle viscous products, it offers significant advantages over alternative technologies. Unlike traditional pumps with rotors that cut through the fluid, Certa™’s sinusoidal rotor gently carries fluid through the pump to dramatically reduce shear, while cutting power consumption by up to 50% with high viscosity fluids.

The typical advantages and high-performance levels delivered by proven MasoSine sinusoidal technology include virtually no pulsation, superior viscous handling, simplicity, reliability, energy efficiency, interchangeable parts and low cost of ownership.

For many years, Sine® pumps have played an important and highly successful part in conveying fluids with viscosities of up to 8 million cP. The new Certa pump now completes the existing product range by offering users a fully CIP capable pump at flow rates up to 183.2 USGPH.

Learn More About Certa Pumps in Springer Pumps Online Catalog HERE…

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Come See QTS Twin Screw, Positive Displacement Pumps at East Pack

Posted on by Sara Springer

Q-Pumps will be demonstrating their QTS line of twin screw pumps at East PackQTS Pump


QTS Features and Benefits:

  • Meets 3-A and EHEDG Standards
  • Self-Priming, Low NPSH Requirements
  • Constant Flow, Nearly Pulseless
  • “Silent” Pumping Action
  • Reversible Flow


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QTS Twin Screw, Positive Displacement Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Q-Pumps Twin Screw Pumps can handle suspended solids without damage. QTS Pumps have constant, pulse-less flow which gently handles liquids. Up to 60% air handling capability with self-priming and low NPSH requirements. The QTS line is also fully CIPable and can function as both the process pump and the CIP pump, reducing equipment costs.Q-Pumps QTS 100 Series

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Graco Complete Container Evacuation Solutions for Barrels & Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

Posted on by Sara Springer

Transfer Thick Materials, Without Dilution, from Drums & Bins!!!SaniForce BES Raised Thumb

Graco SaniForce Drum and Bin Unloaders are designed to reduce the time and labor needed to empty containers. Even containers filled with non-flowing liquids like viscous peanut butter (up to 1,000,000 cps) are pump-able. Drum Unloaders work with tapered or straight drums, with or without bags. All feature quick knockdown designs with a minimum amount of material for quick and frequent cleaning.

Drum Emptying Products Features:

  • 1 to 1,000,000 CPS Viscosities
  • Simple AODD Pumps to Full Drum Unloaders
  • Solids Handling Models
  • Easy to Operate, Clean and Maintain

Bin Evacuation Systems Features:

  • 1 to 1,000,000 CPS Viscosities
  • Available with:
    • Two AODD Pumps
    • Up to Four Piston Pumps
  • Pneumatic or Electric Control Options
  • Compact Design for Space Saving (Compared to Competitors)

Download Graco’s SaniForce Container Evacuation Solutions Brochure (pdf)

Graco Condiment, Dip & Salad Dressing Applications Flyer (pdf)

Graco SaniForce Cosmetic Applications Flyer (pdf)

Graco SaniForce Cultured Dairy Product Applications Flyer (pdf)

Graco SaniForce High Viscosity Fluid Applications Flyer (pdf)

Graco SaniForce Juice Concentrate & Puree Applications Flyer (pdf)

Graco SaniForce Personal Care Product Applications Flyer (pdf)

Graco SaniForce Wine Applications Flyer (pdf)

See the SaniForce BES at Work Below

Graco SaniForce Bin Evacuation System

See the SaniForce Drum Unloader at Work Below

Graco SaniForce Standard Drum

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AR Arena’s Air Evac and Aseptic Air Evac Systems. A Sanitary, Reusable Intermediary Bulk Container with liner.

Posted on by Sara Springer

AR Arena’s Patented Air-Evac® Liner is a Hands Free Automated Discharge System. 

An Air-Evac Liner Helps Reduce Residual Product in an A330 Shipper WITHOUT Labor Intensive Wringing, Scraping or Cleaning.Arena Air Evac PrincipleOperation

The Air-Evac System uses a unique “Liner-in-Liner” design which uses regular shop air to move product toward the center discharge tube.  This is done by air pockets located in the bag which are shown in the image on the right.  When fully inflated it resembles a starfish in shape, thus the name Air-Evac Starfish Liner (see photo below).

The Air-Evac® packaging system  is now available in an aseptic version.

The addition of aseptic, high capacity barrier bags brings the efficiencies and cost savings of the Air-Evac® system to high quality food applications such as fruit fillings, diced tomatoes, sauces, and other mid-range viscosity food products that are suitable for aseptic packaging. The use of aseptic packaging is growing in response to the market’s demand for improved product safety.