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Certa – for Low Shear, Superior Viscous Product Handling with Virtually no Pulsation

Posted on by Sara Springer

Certa is the latest innovation from MasoSine Process Pumps, the creators of Sine® pump technology.

Certa Pump with Cover RemovedIts launch sets even higher pumping standards in food, beverage and cosmetics processing. Offering EHEDG (Type EL Class I) and 3A certification as standard, Certa is extremely easy to clean for minimal maintenance and downtime.

This advanced new innovation in food pump technology not only delivers the high suction capability to handle viscous products, it offers significant advantages over alternative technologies. Unlike traditional pumps with rotors that cut through the fluid, Certa™’s sinusoidal rotor gently carries fluid through the pump to dramatically reduce shear, while cutting power consumption by up to 50% with high viscosity fluids.

The typical advantages and high-performance levels delivered by proven MasoSine sinusoidal technology include virtually no pulsation, superior viscous handling, simplicity, reliability, energy efficiency, interchangeable parts and low cost of ownership.

For many years, Sine® pumps have played an important and highly successful part in conveying fluids with viscosities of up to 8 million cP. The new Certa pump now completes the existing product range by offering users a fully CIP capable pump at flow rates up to 183.2 USGPH.

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Tag Archive: Low Shear

The Brewer’s Solution for Pumping Yeast: Masosine Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Masosine MRS Sine PumpFor brewing beer, the yeast is one of the most important ingredients. Many of the oldest breweries have climate controlled vaults to keep their original yeast strains protected or send them to places such as NCYC to ensure the continuation of their signature brews. Few, however, consider the damage done to live yeast when pumping it into the wort stream for fermentation. Many pump types roughly handle liquids and reduce the amount of live yeast that enters the fermenter, which results in longer fermentation times or bad/off batches of beer. Masosine pumps eliminate this problem with gentle, low sheer, low pulsation pumping action.