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Ace Sanitary Provides Professional Services to Help Protect Sanitary Hose Investments

Posted on by Sara Springer

Ace Sanitary Seal Right HoseAce Sanitary’s Complete Hose System

Ace Sanitary is now offering a complete hose program to reduce waste, increase hose life and simplify purchasing for sanitary hoses.  The program starts with an audit and inventory and finishes with customized solutions and documentation for regulatory support. Let Ace save you money. (more…)

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CP Pumpen Offers MKP-Bio Pump Metallic Mag-Drive Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

A Mag-Drive Pump for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food Industries. CP Pumpen MKP-Bio Pump

The MKP-Bio pump has been developed specifically for aseptic applications. 

Features and Benefits of MKP-Bio Pump:

  • Seal-less Design with Zero Dead Space
  • Design Pressure PN 16 Allows Wide Application Range
  • Complies with 3A, EHEDG, VDMA 24432 and EN 12462 Requirements
  • CIP  and SIP Capable, EHEDG Tested
  • Pump Can be Dismantled Without Special Tools for Validation Purposes
  • More…


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AR Arena’s Air Evac and Aseptic Air Evac Systems. A Sanitary, Reusable Intermediary Bulk Container with liner.

Posted on by Sara Springer

AR Arena’s Patented Air-Evac® Liner is a Hands Free Automated Discharge System. 

An Air-Evac Liner Helps Reduce Residual Product in an A330 Shipper WITHOUT Labor Intensive Wringing, Scraping or Cleaning.Arena Air Evac PrincipleOperation

The Air-Evac System uses a unique “Liner-in-Liner” design which uses regular shop air to move product toward the center discharge tube.  This is done by air pockets located in the bag which are shown in the image on the right.  When fully inflated it resembles a starfish in shape, thus the name Air-Evac Starfish Liner (see photo below).

The Air-Evac® packaging system  is now available in an aseptic version.

The addition of aseptic, high capacity barrier bags brings the efficiencies and cost savings of the Air-Evac® system to high quality food applications such as fruit fillings, diced tomatoes, sauces, and other mid-range viscosity food products that are suitable for aseptic packaging. The use of aseptic packaging is growing in response to the market’s demand for improved product safety.