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Ace Sanitary F-Series Food Grade Hose

Posted on by Sara Springer

Ace Sanitary supplies flexible fluid transfer connections primarily for use in FDA-regulated production facilities.

Ace’s Food and Dairy industry-related products assist with liquid, powder, and oil-related transfer. When paired with their patented SealRite hose couplers, their Food Grade Hose and Fittings are CIP-able for Bulk Chemical, Steam, and other CIP-related usages.

The Ace Sanitary F-Series Food Grade Hose line boasts features including extreme flexibility, suction and discharge, low friction covers, kink resistance, and includes High-Temperature Food Grade Hose. The F-Series is suitable for uses pertaining to Food Grade Water Hose, Railcar Loading/Unloading, Common industrial chemicals, Brewery/Dry Hopping, Sugar Transfer, and for use with other wet or dry abrasive materials.

FRH Raised Helix Hose FRH Raised Helix Food Grade Hose

Product Description

This hose is an excellent choice for receiving bays. Its exterior corrugations provide for tight bending and easy handling. Designed for adverse conditions or cleanup as water will not pool with use of the FRH. Versatile and flexible, this hose is ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI while not imparting taste or odor.

  • Perfect for receiving bays
  • Corrugations provide tight bending
  • Ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
Standard Features
  • Exterior Corrugations
  • Easy Handling/Bending
  • Suction & Discharge
  • Will Not Pool
  • Non-Imparting of Taste or Odor


Product Description

An economical alternative for fluoropolymer-lined hose. With a low friction cover, it’s a significant addition to their chemical hose line. It handles the majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity and suction applications. FPE is crush and kink-resistant, and durable for challenging applications.

  • Alternative for fluoropolymer-lined hoses
  • Low friction cover
  • Crush and kink resistant
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
Standard Features
  • Resistant to Harsh Chemicals
  • Low Friction/Easy Drag
  • Highly Flexible
  • Wear Resistant
  • Full Vacuum
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Long Length 130 ft.

FDF Dry Food TransferFDF Dry Food Transfer Hose

Product Description

This suction and discharge hose, with its anti-static tube and conductive cover, is excellent for wet or dry abrasive materials, like sugar or powdered milk. It’s designed to be extremely flexible and is suited for extreme environments.

  • Perfect for wet or dry abrasive materials
  • Extremely flexible
  • Suited for extreme environments
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
Standard Features
  • Tube: White, FDA, Anti-Static, NBR
  • Reinforcement: Spiral ply cords w/2 steel helix wires and static wire
  • Recommended Cleaning: CIP, COP
  • Cover: Green w/conductive black stripe
  • Temperature Range: -15 to 180° F

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600 PSI Sanitary Discharge Hose from Springer Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Springer Pumps’ high-pressure sanitary hoses, available in a variety of diameters and lengths, are the perfect complement to your sanitary system. Springer Pumps’ sanitary hoses meet all regulatory requirements (3A, USDA, FDA) for material handling, cleanability, and operator safety.  Complying with CIP, COP, and SIP sanitizing procedures, hoses can be safely cleaned with steam to 300°F  at 60 psi for 20 minutes; maximum continuous temperature 180°F.

High-Pressure Sanitary Hose Features:

  • Sanitary Discharge Hose Capable of 600 psi
  • Compatible with CIP, COP and SIP Procedures
  • 3A and FDA Certified Materials
  • 1 1/2″ or 2″ Diameters in 6′, 10′, 15′ and 20′ Lengths

Download the Springer Pumps High-Pressure Sanitary Hose Flyer HERE

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PureFlex Heated Hose Option Availible on ALL PureFlex Hoses and Fittings!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Heated HosePureFlex Heated Hose For Temperature Sensitive Processes

PureFlex products offer custom flow solutions to meet many process needs.  The Heated Hose option can be added to any PureFlex hose product.  Ask Springer Pumps for details.

PureFlex Heated Hose Features:

  • Available for all PureFlex hoses
  • The optional temperature control unit
  • Temp. range: ambient to 450°F
  • Temperature stable hoses

PureFlex Heated Hose Applications:

  • Viscosity control
  • Temperature-sensitive media/processes
  • Freeze protection

Download the PureFlex Heated Hose Flyer (pdf)

Download the PureFlex Heated Hose Flyer (pdf)

Download the Pureflex Products & Capabilities Overview Catalog (pdf)

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Ace Sanitary Provides Professional Services to Help Protect Sanitary Hose Investments

Posted on by Sara Springer

Ace Sanitary Seal Right HoseAce Sanitary’s Complete Hose System

Ace Sanitary is now offering a complete hose program to reduce waste, increase hose life and simplify purchasing for sanitary hoses.  The program starts with an audit and inventory and finishes with customized solutions and documentation for regulatory support. Let Ace save you money. (more…)

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Ace Sanitary TSC: Smoothbore PTFE-Lined Hose Product with Increased Flexibility

Posted on by Sara Springer

TSC: A Unique, Smoothbore, PTFE-Lined Hose

This silicone covered, PTFE lined hose with exterior convolutions and a smooth, undulating bore provides extreme flexibility. Exceptional for High Purity use in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Foodstuffs industries. This hose will not impart taste or odor to products being transferred and provides cleaning ease both inside and out. TSC is excellent for use in hot oil or low-velocity steam transfer applications.

TSC HOSE Features & Properties:

  • Tube: PTFE unpigmented, USP Class VI & FDA Criteria
  • 3-A Listed for 1″ and larger
  • CIP, SIP or Autoclave cleanable
  • Temperature Range: -80°F to 400°F
  • Vacuum – All sizes fully vacuum resistant up to 130°C.

Download Ace TSC Smooth Bore Hose Flyer (pdf)

View Ace Hose Products in Springer Pumps Online Catalog