Sandpiper Pumps (Division, Warren Rupp): Updated HDF2 Diaphragm Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Less Pump Parts = Improved HDF2 Diaphragm Pump

Now in design Level 6, the Sandpiper Pump, Heavy Duty Flap Valve 2” Pump (HFD2) is new and improved.  The reduction in pump parts will extend diaphragm pump life, reduce pump maintenance cost, down time and operating costs. Sandpiper Pumps previously labeled: HDF2, DB5A are now HDF2, DB6A.

Old Sandpiper Pump Parts HDF2 Design Level 5

Sandpiper HDF2 Before

Sandpiper Pumps’ HDF2 Upgrades:

  • Changed from stamped flap valve seats to heavy duty seats with integral seal

  • Eliminated eight gaskets used on wet end

  • Replaced studs with hex cap screws

Features & Benefits:

  • ISO9001 Certified

    New Sandpiper Pump Parts HDF2 Design Level 6

    Sandpiper HDF2 After

  • Environmental Management System iso 14001 Certified

  • Intake/discharge pipe size 2″ NPT (F)

  • Capacity 0 to 140 (530 liters) gallons per minute

  • Air valve no-lube, no-stall design

  • Solids Handling up to 2″ (50mm)

  • Heads up to 125 psi or 289ft of water (8.8Kg/cm2 or 88 meters)

Download Warren Rupp, Sandpiper, HDF2 Data Sheet PDF

Download Warren Rupp, Sandpipper, HDF2 Operations Manual – PDF

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