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Sandpiper Pumps (Division, Warren Rupp): Updated HDF2 Diaphragm Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Less Pump Parts = Improved HDF2 Diaphragm Pump

Now in design Level 6, the Sandpiper Pump, Heavy Duty Flap Valve 2” Pump (HFD2) is new and improved.  The reduction in pump parts will extend diaphragm pump life, reduce pump maintenance cost, down time and operating costs. Sandpiper Pumps previously labeled: HDF2, DB5A are now HDF2, DB6A.

Old Sandpiper Pump Parts HDF2 Design Level 5

Sandpiper HDF2 Before

Sandpiper Pumps’ HDF2 Upgrades:

  • Changed from stamped flap valve seats to heavy duty seats with integral seal

  • (more…)

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Warren Rupp’s Sandpiper W-Series Cast Iron Waste Water Pumps.

Posted on by Sara Springer

W-Series are manufactured by Warren Rupp, and will be branded as a Sandpiper product starting January 2, 2009.

The W-Series Air Operated Diaphragm Pump are heavy duty, cast iron, solids handling pumps. The flap check valve design is frequently applied in secondary sludge treatment processes.  The line features “non-clog” check valve access ports and visual stroke indicators in exclusive “bottom discharge” porting configurations.    They can handle pipe sized solids and stringy material.

 W-15-thumbW-Series Features:

  • ESADS+Plus (Externally Serviceable Air Distribution System)
  • Flap Check Valves
  • Heavy Duty Extended Wear Package
  • Thick Wall Construction
  • Solids Range +1″ to 3″
  • Dry Primes up to 24ft of water
  • Free Standing Support Base




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Warren Rupp Releases 4 new ATEX Compliant Pumping Options

Posted on by Sara Springer

ATEX EX SymbolWarren Rupp announced the release of the 1.5″ S15 & 2″ S20 Conductive Polypropylene AODD pumps and the .5″ S05 & 1″ S1F Conductive PVDF AODD pumps.


Warren Rupp guarantees that its AODD pumps are your insurance for full ATEX Compliance,ATEX Thumb providing 100% ground ability with conductive materials of construction and ensuring no static electricity build-up for ignition-free operation.

What is ATEX?      ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) is an acronym for the standard set by the European Parliament & Council of the European Union, recognized throughout the European Community as the safety standard for equipment used in potentially hazardous environments.

Safety Advantages of ATEX Compliance:

  • FULLY Groundable, ALL Components are Conductive.

  • Spark-FREE.

  • ATEX Compliant means SAFE for use of equipment in potentially explosive environments.

S15 & S20 ATEX Compliant Conductive Polypropylene Pumps:

  • Increased capacity of up to 11%.

  • Increased displacement per stroke—up to 28%.

  • Increased energy efficiency—up to 16%.

Also, the S05 & S1F now available in ATEX compliant conductive PVDF.

NOTE:  Pumps are only ATEX Compliant when ordered with wetted option C (Conductive Polypropylene) or and kit options 00, P1, E1, E3, E5, E7, E8 or E9.  All options must be included to meet ATEX Compliance.

 Factory Explosion

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Warren Rupp Redesigns Sandpiper HDB 1 1/2.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Warren Rupp redesigned the Sandpiper HDB 1 1/2  AODD pump to incorporate all bolted construction, instead of the previously used V-band clamps.WR HDB15 Thumb

The HDB 1 1/2 is a heavy-duty ball valve pump that fits 1″ to 1.5″ pipe.  Warren Rupp has redesigned it so that it now is made with all bolted construction.  The HDB 1 1/2 completes the full line of HDB all bolted construction pumps! and became available October 1, 2008.

The HDB stands for Heavy Duty Ball Valve.  HDB (SB) Metallic Pumps are ideal for thin to high viscosity and small solids laden fluids. SANDPIPER® Heavy Duty Ball Valve Pumps (SB) provide excellent suction lift capability and exclusive variable porting options (side, top, bottom and dual). HDB pumps are thick wall constructed of Sand Casted Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, or Alloy C with elastomer, TPE (thermal plastic elastomers) and PTFE options in diaphragms and check valves. HDB pumps are enhanced with an extended wear package.
WR HDB15 Dia Thumb

The advantages of all bolted construction vs v-band clamping are:

  • Instant alignment = ease of maintenance
  • Uniform torquing of seal = tightness against leaks
  • Maintains seal after repeated servicing = lower repair costs
  • Withstands four times the pressure versus V-band clamps
  • Eliminates leakage at high pressure and deadheaded conditions