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BLACOH AODDampener® Pulsation Dampener

Posted on by Sara Springer

BLACOH® Releases a New, Low Cost SS/PTFE Pulsation Dampener for AODD Pumps

Pulsation DampenerBLACOH’s® new, purpose built AODD pulsation dampener called the AODDampener™ has standard features that cost more with the competition. It features all 316L stainless steel and PTFE construction at a lower price than most plastic and metal units. The AODDampener™ reduces the flow pulsations inherent in AODD pumps. ATEX certification is available. It’s a great accessory for existing AODD pump applications and new ones!

Features & Benefits:

  • All 316L SS Housing
  • All PTFE Diaphragms
  • Fully Automatic Air Control for Hassle Free Operation
  • 1″, 1.5″ & 2″ sizes with NPT and BSP Connections Available
  • Lower Price than Competitors Metal & Plastic Models!!!


Warren Rupp Releases 4 new ATEX Compliant Pumping Options

Posted on by Sara Springer

ATEX EX SymbolWarren Rupp announced the release of the 1.5″ S15 & 2″ S20 Conductive Polypropylene AODD pumps and the .5″ S05 & 1″ S1F Conductive PVDF AODD pumps.


Warren Rupp guarantees that its AODD pumps are your insurance for full ATEX Compliance,ATEX Thumb providing 100% ground ability with conductive materials of construction and ensuring no static electricity build-up for ignition-free operation.

What is ATEX?      ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) is an acronym for the standard set by the European Parliament & Council of the European Union, recognized throughout the European Community as the safety standard for equipment used in potentially hazardous environments.

Safety Advantages of ATEX Compliance:

  • FULLY Groundable, ALL Components are Conductive.

  • Spark-FREE.

  • ATEX Compliant means SAFE for use of equipment in potentially explosive environments.

S15 & S20 ATEX Compliant Conductive Polypropylene Pumps:

  • Increased capacity of up to 11%.

  • Increased displacement per stroke—up to 28%.

  • Increased energy efficiency—up to 16%.

Also, the S05 & S1F now available in ATEX compliant conductive PVDF.

NOTE:  Pumps are only ATEX Compliant when ordered with wetted option C (Conductive Polypropylene) or and kit options 00, P1, E1, E3, E5, E7, E8 or E9.  All options must be included to meet ATEX Compliance.

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