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CLASS 4 Pharmaceutical Gaskets From Ace Sanitary!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Yet another great product from Ace Sanitary: Class 4 Pharmaceutical Gaskets! Durable, non-toxic, like the heat , are squeaky clean, available in a number of materials and come standard with tri-clamp fittings or can be custom made to your specifications. Highly versatile and in stock, these class 4 gaskets are ready to ship to your manufacturing facility.

In short, Ace Sanitary gaskets are worth installing into your facility. Check out their many impressive features here:

  • Highly resistance to chemicals, heat, and bacteria: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, bases, and solvents. They are also resistant to heat and bacteria, which helps to prevent contamination of pharmaceutical products.
  • Flexibility and durability: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are flexible and can withstand repeated flexing without becoming damaged. This makes them ideal for use in applications where the gaskets are subjected to vibration or movement.
  • Ease of cleaning: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are easy to clean and disinfect. This helps to ensure that they remain free of contaminants and that they do not contribute to the contamination of pharmaceutical products.
  • Long lifespan: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. This helps to reduce the costs associated with gasket replacement.

Ace Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets can be installed into a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing applications including:

  • Pipes: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are used to seal joints in pipes that transport pharmaceutical products.
  • Equipment: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are used to seal joints in equipment that is used to process pharmaceutical products, such as reactors, mixers, and tanks
  • Valves: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are used to seal valves that control the flow of pharmaceutical products.
  • Fittings: Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are used with fittings to connect pipes and equipment.

Extremely durable, Ace Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are inspected and tested to ensure that they meet the strict standards required for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Some of the tests that are performed include:

  • Physical inspection: The gaskets are visually inspected for defects, such as tears, cracks, or excessive wear.
  • Chemical analysis: The gaskets are analyzed to determine their chemical composition and to ensure that they are free of contaminants.
  • Physical testing: The gaskets are subjected to physical tests, such as tensile testing and compression testing, to determine their strength and durability.
  • Hygienic testing: The gaskets are subjected to hygienic tests, such as bacterial testing and solvent resistance testing, to ensure that they are free of bacteria and other contaminants.

Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are an essential component of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They help to ensure the safety and purity of pharmaceutical products by preventing contamination. Sanitary pharmaceutical gaskets are made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They are also easy to clean and maintain, which helps to extend their lifespan.

For more information or to request a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today.

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Ace Sanitary’s Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Steam Hoses

Posted on by Sara Springer

If your manufacturing facility deals with steam transfer, Ace Sanitary’s Stainless Steel Braided PTFE steam hoses are your next worth while investment. These well made, highly durable hoses are easily installed and applicable to the food and beverage,  oil refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, tire manufacturing and pulp and paper industries.

Ace understands steam isn’t just steam, and the type of hose you require will directly depend on the type of steam you process. By offering specialized stainless steel hoses, Ace supplies its users with solutions for wet saturated steam, dry saturated steam, and superheated steam applications.

Why Stainless Steel? Stainless Steel Braided PTFE steam hoses can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees F and flexible metal hoses can take on temperatures up to 1500 degrees F.  Both types of hoses can handle higher pressure than the typical EPDM steam hoses.  High-quality PTFE steam hoses & fittings can keep your manufacturing processes running longer and lower your production cost while increasing output and profitability.  The construction and fabrication process of PTFE steam hose assemblies makes all the difference.

When it comes to durability, typical rubber steam hoses do a decent job of standing up to weather, ozone, and abrasion.  PTFE and flexible metal steam hoses are the best choices because of the construction.  These hoses have a stainless steel braid reinforcement which makes them durable.  The braid also protects the hose against tougher conditions and increases its lifespan.  Plus, they have better flexibility than rubber steam hoses, which allows for wide variety of applications.  With sanitary fittings, it is resistant to deposit build-ups and is non-absorbent.  Coupling with a fire sleeve or insulated wrap, the PTFE steam hose has added insulation and protects the operator.

If your process requires steam transfer hose assemblies, let Ace Sanitary and our expert team help choose the right hose for your application. To learn more about Ace Sanitary’s Stainless Steel hoses for steam applications or to receive a quote, contact Springer Pumps.

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Ace Sanitary Has Your Next Hose Upgrade: TSC & TSC-C Lines

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hoses are not just hoses. Like any other piece of equipment, you carefully selected the hosing installed in your system. Did you choose correctly? Springer Pumps® suggests that you try a superior hose by Ace Sanitary®.

Ace’s TSC and TSC-C hoses offer solutions to most industries that require more from their processing equipment. Both versions of the hose are silicone covered and have exterior convolutions and a smooth undulating bore (which provides extreme flexibility).

The TSC Hose is PRFE lined, ideal for pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, and biotech industries. No undesired tastes transfer from this hose to the materials passing through its walls. It is easily cleaned both outside and internally. Ace also recommends the TSC Hose line for hot oil.

The TSC-C Hose is a more rugged offering with a carbon-filled tube for safety. Ace recommends this hose for steam applications and volatile media transfer with a potential for static build-up.

Here’s a list of additional features for Ace Sanitary® TSC and TSC-C Hose lines:

  • Extreme flexibility
  • Easy cleanup
  • No odor or taste transfer
  • No static build-up (TSC-C)
  • Lighter weight than competitors
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Meets 3-A Sanitary standards
  • Applies to: Volatile media transfer, food & beverage industry, biotech industry, pharmaceutical industry, hot oil, low viscosity applications

It’s time to take your hoses to the next level and upgrade to some of the finest available on the market with Ace Sanitary®. Please reach out to the team at Springer Pumps® today to request additional information or receive a quote.



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Ace Sanitary Offers New Hose to Replace TRS Model

Posted on by Sara Springer

Ace Sanitary has announced a new, improved hose, the new TRP series as a replacement for their TRS series. 

  • TRP has a PTFE liner compared to the TRS FEP liner 
  • TRS will be available in longer production lengths. 
  • TRP series assemblies will be available in 2022. 
  • TRS series assemblies will be available until stock is depleted. 

To place an order for TRS assemblies or to learn more about the new TRP series, contact Springer Pumps today. 

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Ace Sanitary F-Series Food Grade Hose

Posted on by Sara Springer

Ace Sanitary supplies flexible fluid transfer connections primarily for use in FDA-regulated production facilities.

Ace’s Food and Dairy industry-related products assist with liquid, powder, and oil-related transfer. When paired with their patented SealRite hose couplers, their Food Grade Hose and Fittings are CIP-able for Bulk Chemical, Steam, and other CIP-related usages.

The Ace Sanitary F-Series Food Grade Hose line boasts features including extreme flexibility, suction and discharge, low friction covers, kink resistance, and includes High-Temperature Food Grade Hose. The F-Series is suitable for uses pertaining to Food Grade Water Hose, Railcar Loading/Unloading, Common industrial chemicals, Brewery/Dry Hopping, Sugar Transfer, and for use with other wet or dry abrasive materials.

FRH Raised Helix Hose FRH Raised Helix Food Grade Hose

Product Description

This hose is an excellent choice for receiving bays. Its exterior corrugations provide for tight bending and easy handling. Designed for adverse conditions or cleanup as water will not pool with use of the FRH. Versatile and flexible, this hose is ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI while not imparting taste or odor.

  • Perfect for receiving bays
  • Corrugations provide tight bending
  • Ideal for suction and discharge use up to 150 PSI
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
Standard Features
  • Exterior Corrugations
  • Easy Handling/Bending
  • Suction & Discharge
  • Will Not Pool
  • Non-Imparting of Taste or Odor


Product Description

An economical alternative for fluoropolymer-lined hose. With a low friction cover, it’s a significant addition to their chemical hose line. It handles the majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity and suction applications. FPE is crush and kink-resistant, and durable for challenging applications.

  • Alternative for fluoropolymer-lined hoses
  • Low friction cover
  • Crush and kink resistant
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
Standard Features
  • Resistant to Harsh Chemicals
  • Low Friction/Easy Drag
  • Highly Flexible
  • Wear Resistant
  • Full Vacuum
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Long Length 130 ft.

FDF Dry Food TransferFDF Dry Food Transfer Hose

Product Description

This suction and discharge hose, with its anti-static tube and conductive cover, is excellent for wet or dry abrasive materials, like sugar or powdered milk. It’s designed to be extremely flexible and is suited for extreme environments.

  • Perfect for wet or dry abrasive materials
  • Extremely flexible
  • Suited for extreme environments
  • These FDA grade hoses are not suitable for 3-A applications
Standard Features
  • Tube: White, FDA, Anti-Static, NBR
  • Reinforcement: Spiral ply cords w/2 steel helix wires and static wire
  • Recommended Cleaning: CIP, COP
  • Cover: Green w/conductive black stripe
  • Temperature Range: -15 to 180° F

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How to Ensure Optimal Heat Transfer

Posted on by Sara Springer

Does Your Process Fluid Need to Remain at a Steady Temperature?

How do you ensure optimal heat transfer in your process? One way is to stop heat loss is to insulate or heat your hoses. When your process requires steady fluid temperatures. ACE offers two specialty options for heated hoses, and insulated hose, to keep process fluids at the needed temperature during transfer.

EHH – Electronically Heated Hose

Custom manufactured for a variety of applications to keep product flowing. Compared to single conductor heating elements, the EHH provides optimal heat transfer to a large (95%) surface area. Individual strand conductors are fixed in place and insulated with flexible, high-temperature fiber. The “Overwrap” layer of silicon rubber secures the conductors and provides a flexible cushion.

ACE EHH Electronically Heated Hose


  • Gel Cap Production Packaging Industry
  • Photographic Development Solutions
  • Hot Oil Transfer
  • Cosmetic Transfer
  • Candy Manufacturing
  • Chemical Transfer Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Slurries
  • Hot Fill
  • Food Transfer (FDA Approved)

WJH – Water Jacketed Hose

The water-jacketed hose option can be added to any Flex-Rite hose. It’s ideal for a process where heat jacket water is already being used.

ACE Water Jacketed Hose


CIP – Custom Insulation Package

Custom Insulation Package can be added to any Flex-Rite hose. These are ideal for applications where temperature retention isn’t critical, but helpful.

To find out more about these hoses, jacketed pumps and other options

ACE Sanitary CIP Custom Insulation Package


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NEW: Completely Smooth SPL Compensators from Ace Sanitary

Posted on by Sara Springer

The First Compensator Made for the Pharmaceutical and Food IndustriesAce Sanitary SPL Compensator

SPL Compensators from Ace Sanitary comply with FDA standards. Compensators are used to reduce vibrations between parts during processing and overcome connection misalignment.

SPL Compensators Features:

  • Pressure-resistant polyester reinforcements
  • Made from platinum-catalyzed silicone
  • Autoclave safe and sterilizable
  • Temperature Range of -58°F to +356°F

Download the Ace Sanitary SPL Compensator Flyer (pdf)

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Ace Sanitary Provides Professional Services to Help Protect Sanitary Hose Investments

Posted on by Sara Springer

Ace Sanitary Seal Right HoseAce Sanitary’s Complete Hose System

Ace Sanitary is now offering a complete hose program to reduce waste, increase hose life and simplify purchasing for sanitary hoses.  The program starts with an audit and inventory and finishes with customized solutions and documentation for regulatory support. Let Ace save you money. (more…)