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How to Ensure Optimal Heat Transfer

Posted on by Sara Springer

Does Your Process Fluid Need to Remain at a Steady Temperature?

How do you ensure optimal heat transfer in your process? One way is to stop heat loss is to insulate or heat your hoses. When your process requires steady fluid temperatures. ACE offers two specialty options for heated hoses, and insulated hose, to keep process fluids at the needed temperature during transfer.

EHH – Electronically Heated Hose

Custom manufactured for a variety of applications to keep product flowing. Compared to single conductor heating elements, the EHH provides optimal heat transfer to a large (95%) surface area. Individual strand conductors are fixed in place and insulated with flexible, high-temperature fiber. The “Overwrap” layer of silicon rubber secures the conductors and provides a flexible cushion.

ACE EHH Electronically Heated Hose


  • Gel Cap Production Packaging Industry
  • Photographic Development Solutions
  • Hot Oil Transfer
  • Cosmetic Transfer
  • Candy Manufacturing
  • Chemical Transfer Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Slurries
  • Hot Fill
  • Food Transfer (FDA Approved)

WJH – Water Jacketed Hose

The water-jacketed hose option can be added to any Flex-Rite hose. It’s ideal for a process where heat jacket water is already being used.

ACE Water Jacketed Hose


CIP – Custom Insulation Package

Custom Insulation Package can be added to any Flex-Rite hose. These are ideal for applications where temperature retention isn’t critical, but helpful.

To find out more about these hoses, jacketed pumps and other options

ACE Sanitary CIP Custom Insulation Package