Lithium Battery Process Pumps from Warren Rupp Sandpiper

Posted on by Sara Springer

AODD Pump Configuration for the Lithium Battery Industry

Designed to Prevent Battery Process Contamination

Sandpiper Pump For Lithium Batteries

We recognize that keeping the cathode and anode slurry contaminant-free is critical to producing quality battery systems. To help ensure the integrity of the battery, we can produce our metal and plastic AODD pumps with compliant materials that do not contain contaminating materials like copper, iron, and zinc.

Max Flow Rate
The S20 is the world leader in maximum flow rate with up to 32% higher capacity, allowing you to get your work done faster.

Air Consumption
The S30 requires up to 56% less air to operate, reducing the load on your compressed air system and lowering operating costs.

Air Economy
SANDPIPER’s Metallic Standard Duty pumps provide up to 2.5 times more gallons pumped for every cubic foot of air supplied

Battery Cell Production Process