Do You Know the Viscosity of Your Process Fluid?

Posted on by Sara Springer

Oil Drop

Watson-Marlow Now Offers Product Viscosity Testing

Sticky Viscous Fluid

Watson-Marlow pumps are designed to pump viscous products with ease but not every customer knows the actual viscosity of their product. Most products are shear-thinning, but some are shear-thickening, both can lead to the misapplication of a pump.

Watson-Marlow now offers viscosity testing on customer-supplied samples to more accurately recommend our pump solutions.

These Test results along with Application data (flow and pressure) and System data (pipe sizes, elevations, lengths) will ensure that we have properly sized a Watson-Marlow pump for the application.

Once agreed with our application engineers there are only a few simple steps needed to have a customers’ product tested.

  1. Request a submission form, fill it out and send it back to us.
  2. Upon review, you will be contacted by Engineering with instructions on how to submit your product for testing.

This testing usually takes within 1 to 2 weeks, which will add time to the normal quotation process, but if an expedited test is needed please notify us when requesting your application.