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PureFlex Heated Hose Option Availible on ALL PureFlex Hoses and Fittings!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Heated HosePureFlex Heated Hose For Temperature Sensitive Processes

PureFlex products offer custom flow solutions to meet many process needs.  The Heated Hose option can be added to any PureFlex hose product.  Ask Springer Pumps for details.

PureFlex Heated Hose Features:

  • Available for all PureFlex hoses
  • The optional temperature control unit
  • Temp. range: ambient to 450°F
  • Temperature stable hoses

PureFlex Heated Hose Applications:

  • Viscosity control
  • Temperature-sensitive media/processes
  • Freeze protection

Download the PureFlex Heated Hose Flyer (pdf)

Download the PureFlex Heated Hose Flyer (pdf)

Download the Pureflex Products & Capabilities Overview Catalog (pdf)