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Rotan MD Magnetic Driven Pumps for Molten Sulfur Service

Posted on by Sara Springer

Rotan’s MD Pumps Successful in Difficult Molten Sulfur Applications

Rotan MD Series Pump CutawayThe sealless design of Rotan MD Pumps eliminates the possibility of moisture contacting the sulfur during pumping. With the heating jacket and Rotan’s advanced, patented cooling system the sulfur is maintained at it’s optimal temperature while the magnet is constantly cooled.

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NEW: Sondermann, RM-MS Multistage, Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sondermann Pumps Logo

The RM-MS Pumps Chemicals at High Pressures!

Eliminate the inefficiency of using multiple Single-stage centrifugal pumps.  Instead, for high pressure applications, use the RM-MS multi-stage centrifugal pump.  The RM-MS offers higher delivery rates and works in unfavorable operating areas. (more…)

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CP Pumpen Offers MKP-Bio Pump Metallic Mag-Drive Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

A Mag-Drive Pump for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food Industries. CP Pumpen MKP-Bio Pump

The MKP-Bio pump has been developed specifically for aseptic applications. 

Features and Benefits of MKP-Bio Pump:

  • Seal-less Design with Zero Dead Space
  • Design Pressure PN 16 Allows Wide Application Range
  • Complies with 3A, EHEDG, VDMA 24432 and EN 12462 Requirements
  • CIP  and SIP Capable, EHEDG Tested
  • Pump Can be Dismantled Without Special Tools for Validation Purposes
  • More…