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A Pump for the Fishes-Thanks Hidrostal!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Water, our most valuable resource, has been globally pumped through our homes and our ecosystems for decades.  Now more than ever, society has prioritized the health of our planet, its water, and the creatures in it.  Recognizing this environmental need, Hidrostal has developed a solution to pump natural bodies of H2O while ensuring the survival of the life passing through their products.

A man ahead of his time, Martin Stahle patented his unique eco-friendly pump in 1960.  Today, Martin’s company Hidrostal® provides pumping stations designed to responsibly pump any aquatic life that passes through their pump chambers.  This eel and fish-friendly solution applies to river abstraction for water supply and irrigation, the cooling of power plants, extraction of water for large industrial complexes and drainage pump stations for flood plains, Hydro dams, etc.

Specifically, there are two pump lines featured in Hidrostal’s product lines that users should focus on when considering a fish-friendly pump.

The F-Type Pump line can process high volumes of fish flowing through a pump system, up to 30% fish-to-water ratio.  That’s a lot of fish!  These pumps are ideal for farming applications.

Are you pumping a large quantity of water? Then consider installing a V-Type Pump by Hidrostal®. Although these pumps can’t handle the volume of aquatic life that the F-Type offers, they can move serious amounts of liquid while preserving life inland drainage and flood prevention applications.

A third party tested and approved Hidrostal’s Eel and Fish Friendly pumps.  In the end, Hidrostal® was able to achieve a survival rate near 100% of all life that passed through its equipment.

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Introducing HidroConnect Adapter by Hidrostal

Posted on by Sara Springer

Are you interested in a Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Pump but can’t because you’re using a competitor’s connection?  Never fear; the HidroConnect Adapter now makes the conversion possible.

If this challenge exists in your business, you already know that a Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller needs a longer suction cone than other manufacturers.  An innovative guide shoe raises the pump centerline and doesn’t interrupt existing flow characteristics.  By installing the HidroConnect™ adapter with a Hidrostal pump, users can now create a drop-in unit ready for replacing parts in an existing wet-well installation.

Get the benefits of a Hidrostal Pump with the new HidroConnect™ Adapter to experience hydraulic efficiency with solid handling and eliminate clogs thanks to a single vane propeller.

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Hidrostal ‘Quick Ship’ Program

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hidrostal has many parts in stock and ready for “Quick Shipment” in 4-6 weeks. See a full list of parts available and their pump sizes.

Hydrostal Cutaway Drawing

Hidrostal is the original screw centrifugal pump. Ideal for applications that require gentle solids handling, true non-clog performance, and durable construction. With these stocked parts and frames their lead times are the best in the industry.

Hydrostal Pumps:

  • Solids Handling up to 8% Solids
  • Viscous pumping
  • Delicate handling
  • Low shear pumping
  • High-efficiency operation
  • The impeller has a single spiral vane having large open passages and an extended turn from the axial to the radial direction.

These features give a combination of characteristics not found in any other type of pump, namely:

  • Extremely steep and stable curve
  • High efficiencies
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • Low NPSH
  • Non-clog pumping

To learn more about Hidrostal Pumps read the following news piece:


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Prerostal™ Matched Flow and Clean Wet-Wells

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hidrostal Prerostal Pumps Reduce Greasy Build Up in Sumps

Prerostal™ Matched Flow and Clean Wet-Wells

A method of matching pump outflow to pump station inflow without the need for additional flow control or additional electrical equipment such as inverter drives.

A highly effective sump cleaning system with the need for any additional mechanical or electrical items, such as grinders, bar screens, or mixers.

Contact us for more information about replacing your existing sump pumps or sourcing pumps for a new system today!

Hidrostal PreroClean Self Cleaning Sump

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What are Prerostal Systems and How do They work?

Posted on by Sara Springer

The Prerostal and PreroClean Prerotation Systems Simplify Waste Water Processes

Hidrostal Prerostal Pumps in ServicePrerostal® Pre-Rotation System:

The PREROSTAL® Prerotation system is a unique, economical, uncomplicated method of automatically adjusting pumping volume to match varying inflow rates using a constant speed motor and pump. It combines the screw centrifugal impeller of a Hidrostal pump with a special chamber around the suction pipe. The chamber utilizes gravity to impart a fluid spin in the same direction of rotation as the pump impeller. As a result, this spin produces a flow reduction without the necessity of changing pump speed. Furthermore, this method of matching pump outflow to pump station inflow eliminates the need for any electrical equipment such as inverter drives.

In addition, the PREROSTAL system is a highly effective sump cleaning system which does not require any additional mechanical or electrical components such as controls for mixers or aerators.  It is the ideal solution for handling variable flow applications with large or troublesome solids.

PREROCLEAN™ Pre-Rotation System:

The PreroClean™ Self Cleaning Sump is a simplified version of the PREROSTAL. In applications where the primary aim is maintaining clean sumps without the need for flow matching, Preroclean is the best choice. This option works the same as the PREROSTAL but the weir height and channel dimensions are fixed for each pump size. Due to this, construction can be simplified by moulding the system as a single piece.

The PREROSTAL system is a proven and cost effective replacement for Archimedean screw pump systems.  We have successfully replaced numerous installations around the world!

Prerostal Advantages over Archimedean Screw Systems:

  • Require less space
  • Fluids are More Contained: Less smell and exposure risk
  • Require less ancillary equipment


The below video is an in depth look at the system features and benefits, especially as compared to archimedean screw systems.

What is a Prerostal System and how does it work?


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Trust Only the Original Screw Centrifugal Pumps from Hidrostal

Posted on by Sara Springer

The Original Screw Centrifugal Pump was Invented by Martin Stähle

Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal End Suction Immersible PumpIn the 1950s Martin Stähle invented and developed the first Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Pump in Lima, Peru. This design has proven itself through the years and been put to the test in a wide range of applications.

Due to their outstanding characteristics, Hidrostal pumps are used in numerous municipal and industrial sectors all around the world. Our pumps are custom-made and are specially tailored to the needs of each location. Our specialists select the suitable material combinations and individually adapt every pump to the local conditions. We ensure with this process that Hidrostal pumps are successful in difficult applications and achieve the best results with respect to performance, energy efficiency and low life-cycle costs.

There are many imitation screw centrifugal pumps, made by just as many companies, but there is only one original. Do not be fooled by marketing lingo designed to fool you. For many years Weir Salt Lake City© (WEMCO©, Weir Power and Industrial©, etc.) used to represent Hidrostal to the United States and Canada. All the pumps they sold up to 2015 were made by Hidrostal, and now they market their own pump, which does not share the same time tested performance as the original.

If you want the best screw centrifugal pump, trust the original! Contact Springer Pumps for more information or a quote today.

  • Clog-free pumping
  • High suction capacity
  • Gentle delivery due to low shear forces
  • High efficiency
  • Stable, steep pump curve
  • Long service life
  • Low pulsation
  • Continuous flow proportional to the speed
  • High pressure stability across a wide speed range

Springer Pumps is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by Weir Salt Lake City© WEMCO©, Weir Power and Industrial© or any of it’s affiliated companies. Hidrostal parts or products are not WEMCO© parts or products.

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Hidrostal End Suction Screw Centrifugal Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hidrostal Pumps LogoThe Hidrostal range of screw centrifugal pumps are ideally suited to a broad range of industries. Water and Wastewater solutions are just the beginning. We can handle your needs from A to Z. If your product is Apples or Zucchinis, Hidrostal can pump it and everything in between. Be it food or fish, paper or petrochemicals, oil or olives, whatever your sector Hidrostal’s high quality pumps and pumping systems can benefit your business. Between our North American installations or through our global network, we have experience with nearly any application and can assist and provide guidance to solve your toughest problems. Hidrostal Pumps have a proven track record in the following industries:Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal End Suction Immersible Pump

• Aquaculture • Brewing • Civil Engineering • Construction • Food Processing • Paper • Petrochemical • Oil and gas • Sugar Refining

Hidrostal’s low shear impeller is ideally suited to the delicate transfer of fruit and vegetable, fish and delicate crystals. Yet it’s unrivalled solids handling capabilities offer optimum movement of effluent and wastewater, slurries and sumps.

Learn More about Hidrostal’s Entire Screw Centrifugal Pump Line HERE