Mobile Pumping with the Super Betsy by Hidrostal

Posted on by Sara Springer

She means business… Wherever you need to pump liquid, the Super Betsy Mobile Pumping System by Hidrostal® is ready to move in and get to work.  

She’s a beast. Hidrostal® designed the Super Betsy to meet the demands of extreme industrial applications, specifically suited for use in challenging operational environments. Ideal applications include construction projects, flood protection, mining, and drainage systems.  

Super Betsy has rugged and intelligent construction. The housing’s canopy doors and roof provide easy access to all sides of the pumping system while also providing a quiet operation thanks to excellent soundproofing.  

She also is low maintenance because Super Betsy does not clog easily. Featuring a clog-free screw centrifugal impeller with a free ball passage of 75mm-120mm, Super Betsy makes easy work of liquids containing high volumes of solids or fibrous particles.  

Additional features of the Super Betsy Mobile Pumping Station by Hidrostal®: 

  • Uses the latest diesel engine technology (meet the global emissions regulations) 
  • Low fuel consumption 
  • Large capacity corrosion-proof tanks for extended operational times 
  • Includes the new Betsy Prime vacuum priming system, in connection with a rotary vane vacuum pump, ensuring fast, reliable priming of the pump set, even at very high suction lifts. 
  • Features intelligent control only to operate when needed. 
  • Designed with electronic and mechanical sensors within the vacuum chamber
  • monitor the prime level in the system and only activate the vacuum pump when required. When not needed, the Intelligent Control turns off the vacuum pump and seals the vacuum line, protecting the vacuum pump from contamination by carry-over of the pumped medium. 
  • This ability increases the service life, reduces maintenance costs, and saves energy. 
  • Available in a range of sizes with delivery rates from 100 to 1100 m³/h, 
  • monitoring, and control and GPS location options. 

The Super Betsy is ready to work wherever you need her, including the most challenging applications in almost any environment. For more information or to receive a quote, contact Springer Pumps® today. 

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