Hidrostal: Theory of the Screw Centrifugal Impeller

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hydrostal Cutaway DrawingThe Hidrostal hydraulic system reliably and efficiently solves pumping problems in all application areas. For more than 60 years, Hidrostal pumps with their original screw impeller have been pumping wastewater, liquids with high solids content, foodstuffs, slurry and sludge, fibrous materials, abrasive and gaseous media and much more.

Hidrostal hydraulic systems operate according to the centrifugal pump principle. The classic field of application of multi-blade centrifugal pumps is the conveyance of water or pure liquids of low viscosity. Multi-blade impellers have limited suction capacity and are not normally suitable for conveying liquids with solids.

The Hidrostal single screw centrifugal impeller can easily overcome this limitation. The suction area upstream of the impeller, and the design of the blade’s inlet edge enable extremely low required suction pressures (NPSH). This means, for example, that high flow rates of the pumped medium can be achieved at high pump speeds or extremely high temperatures. The efficiency
of Hidrostal pumps is significantly higher than that of competing products used for similar applications. The pump head curves are continuous and steep and therefore enable the most cost-efficient adaptation of pump operation to the individual pumping requirement, in particular in speed-controlled operation.

Hidrostal is continually working on improving its products by using state-of-the-art methods such as CFO simulations and extensive prototype testing series.

By adapting the material alloys to the medium, application specific impeller geometries have been developed. However, Hidrostal pumps also offer a high level of component and product standardization. This ensures a long service life at the lowest possible cost. In addition, all Hidrostal products are available in different materials.

When pumping abrasive media, for example, a wear-resistant adjustable entry cone can be used. To pass corrosive media, all liquid-carrying components can be manufactured in stainless steel. Hidrostal special alloys are used for extremely corrosive and abrasive media.

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