Reliable Pumps for Koi Ponds and Garden Ponds

Posted on by Sara Springer

Get a Reliable Pump for Your Koi Pond or Garden Pond

MDM Genesys Koi Pond PumpAre you tired of struggling with your pond pump? Done with frequently replacing seals and impellers?

If you search online for Koi Pond Pumps and Garden Pond Pumps many of the results are for parts and repair services. This is because most of the pumps used for these applications are incorrectly sized or just poorly made.


MDM is the same company that supplies pumps to aquariums and professional fish farms. Their pumps are highly reliable and efficient, and specifically design for the unique challenges faced by aquaculture applications. With a correctly sized pump, running at it’s highest efficiency point, total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum and maintenance is as well.

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