New Sandpiper HDB Seat Improvements

Posted on by Sara Springer
Warren Rupp Sandpiper HDB Seat Improvement

Warren Rupp Sandpiper HDB Seat Improvement

As Sandpiper strives to continually improve their products and services they have implemented an improvement to the seats used in the HDB1-1/2, HDB40, HDB2, and ST1-1/2 pumps. Effective immediately new design level improvements will be shipping on all new orders. With this design level change the part number will be changing as well. For pumps already in the field they will have a limited stock of the old service parts available. To upgrade or repair an existing pump it will require a conversion kit as the new seat/gaskets are not interchangeable with the prior style.

Additional Announcement: Effective Immediately the HDB1-1/2 (40mm) Down Ported and Top Ported Models will not longer be available and are being replaced with HDB2 or SA1 down and top ported versions.

What’s Changing & Why?

What’s Changing: We are upgrading our existing Seats from a stamped & welded configuration design to a more robust and integral one-piece castings. We will not be changing existing pump or parts pricing. New Conversion kits will also be available. This seat upgrade is already utilized in the SB1 and HDB3 product lines and this completes the upgrade to the series.

Benefits of These Changes:

  • The new seats and gaskets are thicker and more robust
  • Less service parts required to source and keeptrack of. Just one seat for all 1-1/2” (40mm) pumps and one seat for all 2”(50mm) pumps.

More Details: