Hitting the Start Button? Springer and Sandpiper are Here to Help

Posted on by Sara Springer

Photos of Broken Metal PartsAfter long periods of shut down, it is essential the proper attention be given to pumping equipment in order to continue providing reliable fluid transfer. Following these steps will ensure a problem-free restart.

  • Blow out airlines – Condensation can form in airlines causing rust and debris to be blown into the air valve and pilot valve
  • Change inline filter element – If not changed recently, filter elements may become dried and clogged robbing the pumps of required PSI and SCFM.
  • Flush the pump – Solids may have settled in the chambers potentially causing damage during restart to shafts and diaphragms. If flushing is not an option, start the pump at low
    pressure to agitate fluid and solids within chambers. Do not flush with pressurized water or steam.
  • Check your stock – In the case of failure, it is critical to have the necessary parts and kits on the shelf to reduce process downtime.


Rebuild Refresh Need Help
SANDPIPER has the kit for your pump in stock. Whether you’re repairing the Air End – Main Air Valve Assembly, Pilot Assembly, Gaskets, and O-rings; or Wet End – Diaphragms, seats, balls/flaps, and O-rings. SANDPIPER’s World Class 3-5 day lead times make quick rebuilds possible. Don’t need the complete Air and Pilot valve assemblies? SANDPIPER offers refresh kits for soft components such as – Main Air Valve Gaskets, Pilot valve O-rings and Gaskets, and Shaft
SANDPIPER pump tags contain a QR code for easy identification. By scanning this tag you access pump specific information including kits, service manual with parts list, repair videos, and troubleshooting.

Springer Pumps is a leading Warren Rupp Sandpiper Distributor with the experience and knowhow to get you the right parts and get you up and running quickly. Contact us today to get ready to restart your operations!