Essential Manufacturing Process: Hand Sanitizer Production

Posted on by Sara Springer


Aodd Pumps For Hand Sanitizer

Sandpiper Promise

AODD Technology

  • AODD Pumps are fast/simple to install & powered by air (no electric wiring needed)
  • Simple versatile construction with the ability to pump very viscous/non-viscous materials
    • Ideal for the mixing of alcohols/gels and transferring products
  • Ability to run dry without damaging internal wear parts and excellent suction lift
    • No need to prime or worry if there is an interruption of the product being pumped

Full Line of FDA / EN1935 Compliant AODD Pumps

  • FDA approved diaphragms and materials
  • Ideal for pumping sanitary products like hand sanitizer

ATEX Certified / NFPA 77 Compliant Pumps

  • Necessary for handling alcohol and other flammable products

Unique Pumping Technologies

  • In-line air valve serviceability (ESADS)
  • Best in class air efficiency (Evolution)

Even before the most recent pandemic, hand sanitizer production was essential. Sandpiper and Springer have been supplying pumps to Hand Sanitizer producers. Springer Pumps also suppliers parts and repair kits for most pump manufacturers and pump types. To learn more you can contact us, download the case studies, or visit the Sandpiper section of our website.