How do Stack Economizers Work? How do They Save You Money?

Posted on by Sara Springer

How Much Energy is Your Boiler Wasting?

TEA SUPERMIZER Stack EconomizerSteam boilers are one of the most common ways to heat water. If you have one it’s probably wasting your money by way of heat energy lost through the exhaust stack. If your boiler is working well, then about 15-20% of energy is lost. However, if your system is old and in need of maintenance/replacement, or was sized wrong for the application in the first place, you could be losing significantly more than that. So, how do you recapture that energy? Springer Pumps has a solution that will allow the heat to be captured and put right into the hot water supply.

Introducing SUPERMIZER Direct Contact Stack Economizers

SUPERMIZERS from TEA are stack economizers that use direct contact heat exchange technology to recover as much energy as possible. The SUPERMIZER installs off of the exhaust stack and on average will recover 12% of the on-line boiler load. In a well tuned system a Stack Economizer will recover up to 20% of the energy! If replacing your boiler with Direct Contact Heat Exchanger is not an option, then a SUPERMIZER is the best option. They can be hung from the ceiling, roof mounted or floor mounted and in most applications will pay for themselves in the first year of operation.

Learn more by downloading the flyer or contact us for recommendations for your application and ROI calculations.