TEA SUPERHEATER Direct Contact Water Heaters Offer True 99% Efficiency

Posted on by Sara Springer

Direct Contact or Direct Fired Heaters are More Efficient than Boilers or Steam Injection Systems

Tea Superheater Direct Contact Water HeatersNot only are Direct Contact Water Heaters more efficient, but they are more reliable and last longer, and they do not require any special maintenance or permits to operate. Whole system efficiencies of 99% are easily achievable.

TEA also offers advantages over other makers of Direct Fired Water Heaters that set them apart. They have a unique “Flow Distributor”, which provides constant water distribution no mater the water pressure. This allows for 4 to 1 turn down so the system scales it’s output to system needs. Easy to use, automated controls allow instant feedback and system analysis. No need for valve nests like other brands. And they are priced lower than the competition!

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