A Pump for the Fishes-Thanks Hidrostal!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Water, our most valuable resource, has been globally pumped through our homes and our ecosystems for decades.  Now more than ever, society has prioritized the health of our planet, its water, and the creatures in it.  Recognizing this environmental need, Hidrostal has developed a solution to pump natural bodies of H2O while ensuring the survival of the life passing through their products.

A man ahead of his time, Martin Stahle patented his unique eco-friendly pump in 1960.  Today, Martin’s company Hidrostal® provides pumping stations designed to responsibly pump any aquatic life that passes through their pump chambers.  This eel and fish-friendly solution applies to river abstraction for water supply and irrigation, the cooling of power plants, extraction of water for large industrial complexes and drainage pump stations for flood plains, Hydro dams, etc.

Specifically, there are two pump lines featured in Hidrostal’s product lines that users should focus on when considering a fish-friendly pump.

The F-Type Pump line can process high volumes of fish flowing through a pump system, up to 30% fish-to-water ratio.  That’s a lot of fish!  These pumps are ideal for farming applications.

Are you pumping a large quantity of water? Then consider installing a V-Type Pump by Hidrostal®. Although these pumps can’t handle the volume of aquatic life that the F-Type offers, they can move serious amounts of liquid while preserving life inland drainage and flood prevention applications.

A third party tested and approved Hidrostal’s Eel and Fish Friendly pumps.  In the end, Hidrostal® was able to achieve a survival rate near 100% of all life that passed through its equipment.