Introducing HidroConnect Adapter by Hidrostal

Posted on by Sara Springer

Are you interested in a Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Pump but can’t because you’re using a competitor’s connection?  Never fear; the HidroConnect Adapter now makes the conversion possible.

If this challenge exists in your business, you already know that a Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller needs a longer suction cone than other manufacturers.  An innovative guide shoe raises the pump centerline and doesn’t interrupt existing flow characteristics.  By installing the HidroConnect™ adapter with a Hidrostal pump, users can now create a drop-in unit ready for replacing parts in an existing wet-well installation.

Get the benefits of a Hidrostal Pump with the new HidroConnect™ Adapter to experience hydraulic efficiency with solid handling and eliminate clogs thanks to a single vane propeller.