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SuperKlean is Super Stocked for 2022

Posted on by Sara Springer

The unpredictability of the U.S. supply chain has many companies feeling the pressure, and scrambling for supplies but not SuperKlean.  

With 30 years in business, the folks at SuperKlean have weathered many global challenges over the years and strategized long-term company needs when they decided to bulk up their inventory at the beginning of 2019. Fast forward to today’s market demands, the company proudly reports both their California and Ontario warehouses are fully stocked with 6 months of hot water washdown products ready for delivery. Orders continue to ship out without delays, most items are available for same-day shipping. 

SuperKlean has also announced its new pricing that will begin on January 1st, 2022. Orders are still being honored at current prices through the end of 2021. Place your SuperKlean order today and receive your products quickly from a company that is ready and waiting. 

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New SuperKlean Maintenance Videos Playlist

Posted on by Sara Springer

Over the last two decades, SuperKlean Washdown Products has emerged as the leader in the highest quality industrial washdown equipment. The world’s largest and most admired food and beverage producers trust SuperKlean products to sanitize their plants and factories. To keep their reputations stellar, these companies require the finest steam and hot and cold water mixing stations to keep their products clean, pristine, and safe for consumption. In fact, independent testing results of the top 5 washdown suppliers in the world have shown SuperKlean’s DURAMIX 8000 to be the undisputed #1 choice in reliability, safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance.SuperKlean’s 30 years of dedication to “Continuous Product Improvement” and our company motto, “Striving for Perfection,” has made SuperKlean the trusted choice in both Steam & Cold and Hot & Cold Mixing Stations, as well as heavy-duty industrial hot water nozzles.


We now have a playlist on our Maintenance & Repair Channel for SuperKlean Products.

Duramix 8000 Mixing Chamber Maintenance

See the full playlist of videos here to assist you in making repairs and maintaining your equipment for the best possible performance.

SuperKlean DuraFlow DH150S SERIES White SuperKlean DURAFLOW Mini DM150S Spray Nozzles SuperKlean DuraSpray DS150 Spray Nozzle

SuperKlean makes washdown products such as Spray Nozzles, Hot/Cold Water Mixing Stations, Cold Water/Steam Mixing Stations, hoses and more. Check out their products HERE.

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Springer Parts Offers Hard to Find Parts & Repair Kits for Liquid Handling Equipment

Posted on by Sara Springer
Springer Parts Kit Collage

Parts & Kits for Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers and More…

Springer Parts covers a wide range of products from Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps and Diaphragm Pumps to Sampling and Seat Valves. We carry everything from washers, nuts, and bolts to complete rebuild kits. We even offer parts and kits with materials of construction not offered by the OEM for changing application requirements.

Recently Springer Parts started offering rebuild kits for Armstrong®, Aurora®, Bell & Gossett®, Flygt®, Goulds G & L®, Hoffman®, Marlow®, PACO®, TACO®, and Weinman® pumps.

All Springer Parts are 10-40% less than the OEM parts and built as well or better than the OEM

See our selection on and if there is something that you cannot find CONTACT US!

A Few OEMs We Supply Replacement Parts for:

  • Alfa Laval®
  • Almatec®
  • Aqua Chem®
  • Bardiani®
  • BouMatic®
  • GEMU®
  • Hoffman®
  • KSB®
  • Maxana®
  • Toftejorg®
  • Tuchen®
  • Wright Patterson®
  • And Many More…

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SuperKlean Mixing Unit Comparison to Competitors

Posted on by Sara Springer

SuperKlean 8000GM-S Steam/Cold Water Mixing UnitSuperKlean’s Steam & Cold Mixing Unit comes out ahead in comparison to competitors. It is safe, stable and easy to use. Installation & maintenance are efficient and easy. Compare and consider this unit for your application.

SuperKlean Steam Mixing Units Benefits & Features:

  • Easy Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance of Inlet Connections Due to Design
  • Front Port Built into Valve for Easy Temperature Gauge Installation
  • Dual Outlet Design
  • Long-Lasting Internal Seals & Superior Performance
  • Less Than 30 PSI Minimum Water Pressure Required (Steam side tested with 115 PSI compressed air)
  • Balancing Valve Design Results in Temperature Output Stability
  • Highest Steam Leakage Prevention (Units are tested using compressed air at steam inlets)

Download Our Complete SuperKlean Steam Mixing Unit Comparison Chart

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SuperKlean Steam/Cold Water Mixers, Spray Nozzles and More!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Quickly and Easily Blend Powders with Liquids

The new AC+ Dry Blenders from Ampco Pumps uses the “tube within a tube” design to introduce powders into liquids. The powder is blended using an Ampco AC+ centrifugal pump. Rentals are available for trial and 6 week lead times ensure quick implementation.Ampco Ac Blender

AC+ Dry Blender Features:

  • All parts 316 Stainless Steel
  • Powder addition rates to 350 lb per minute
  • Liquid addition rates to 130 GPM
  • 60°, 304 SS Powder Hoppers