GPM Solutions Driven Pump Technology

Posted on by Sara Springer

No one likes downtime. Everyone likes to save money. GPM released a new case study on how a paper mill with ongoing downtime issues found a solution that saved downtime and $1.8 million. The article provides important points for anyone who works with pumps or a pump related industry.

The GPM Case Study Article Outlines How:

  • Midwestern Pulp and Paper Mill Company With Six Plants Experienced Costly Added Downtime During Scheduled Outages
  • The Downtime Was Caused By Pumps That Were Unable to Handle Paper Pulp Waste
  • GPM Was Consulted For a Solution
  • GPM Provided a Solution with the GPM Eliminator Pump
  • This Solution Successfully Saved Yearly $30,000 Downtime Cost, Per Plant
  • An Estimated $1.8 Million Will Saved  Over Ten Years and Six Plants

Click Here to Download the GPM Paper Mill Case Study Article and Read More