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Springer Parts Offers Hard to Find Parts & Repair Kits for Liquid Handling Equipment

Posted on by Sara Springer
Springer Parts Kit Collage

Parts & Kits for Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers and More…

Springer Parts covers a wide range of products from Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps and Diaphragm Pumps to Sampling and Seat Valves. We carry everything from washers, nuts, and bolts to complete rebuild kits. We even offer parts and kits with materials of construction not offered by the OEM for changing application requirements.

Recently Springer Parts started offering rebuild kits for Armstrong®, Aurora®, Bell & Gossett®, Flygt®, Goulds G & L®, Hoffman®, Marlow®, PACO®, TACO®, and Weinman® pumps.

All Springer Parts are 10-40% less than the OEM parts and built as well or better than the OEM

See our selection on and if there is something that you cannot find CONTACT US!

A Few OEMs We Supply Replacement Parts for:

  • Alfa Laval®
  • Almatec®
  • Aqua Chem®
  • Bardiani®
  • BouMatic®
  • GEMU®
  • Hoffman®
  • KSB®
  • Maxana®
  • Toftejorg®
  • Tuchen®
  • Wright Patterson®
  • And Many More…

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Springer Parts Pump Repair Kits for HVAC, Industrial & Submersible Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Centrifugal Pump Repair KitsLarge Selection of Pump Rebuild Kits

Springer Pumps is now offering a wide variety of rebuild kits for HVAC, Industrial and Submersible pumps including a large number of obsolete pumps no longer supported by their OEMs. Most kits contain a US Seal brand mechanical seal with upgraded P-66 abrasion-resistant carbons. With quality that meets or exceeds the OEM standards, Springer Parts Pump Repair Kits offer a low-cost alternative to OEM.

Features & Benefits:

  • Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications
  • Large Variety of Manufacturers’ Pumps Covered
    • Includes a Large Number of Obsolete Models
  • Kits can be Upgraded for High Temp, Abrasive or Corrosive Service
  • Custom Kits Available upon Request

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Replacement Pump Parts & Pump Kits for Yamada Pumps Cost Less!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Yamada PumpPumper Parts Offers OEM Quality Replacement Pump Parts for Yamada Pump’s AODD Pumps

Pumper Parts’, pump kits and replacement pump parts are manufactured to meet or exceed the highest quality standards in the industrial pump industry.   Pumper Parts perform equal to or better than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts — Guaranteed. Pumper Parts also honors the same parts repair warranty as OEM. Pumper Parts is a global supplier of replacement pump parts & pump kits, answering the ever-present demand for quality, fast delivery and lower prices.  Pumper Parts are priced 20% below the original equipment manufacturer’s list price.


Features and Benefits:Pump Parts Yamada 

  • Most replacement pump parts ship in 24 hours or less
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • Same warranty as Yamada Parts
  • Free product trials available, put Pumper Parts to the test!
  • No expediting fees for rush orders
  • Pumper Parts replacement pump parts meet or exceed OEM quality standards

Download the Pumper Parts Yamada Parts Brochure (pdf)

See Parts and Specifications from Pumper Parts in Our Online Catalog

Read More News About Pumper Parts HERE