AR Arena Is The Eco-Friendly, Cost Saving Choice for Marietta Corp.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Marietta, a contract packaging company, uses Arena 330 Shippers to remain flexible and responsive.  The 330 allows them to respond quickly to customers needs and possible changes in the middle of a run.  It also helps the environment by keeping down waste produced by the plant, both solid and liquid.


Reusable bulk containers have greatly improved operations at contract packager Marietta Corp., Cortland, NY, which packages a wide range of products for major CPG companies and formulates hotel amenities for thousands of hotels worldwide.  The amenities include Marietta’s ProTerra (“For the Earth”) earth-friendly collection, which targets environmentally-conscious hotels.


Arena-330-Evacuating-ThumbAdopting the Arena 330 Shipper™ intermediate bulk container (IBC) from A.R. Arena Products at several of its plant locations saves plenty of labor and time.

Arena’s Totes were chosen over bulk tanks and tank-style IBCs because of there flexibility, their single use bag liners and their ability to collapse when not in use.  The 330 Shippers can be stacked on top of each other 3 high when full, they can be top or bottom discharged, and they have many other options for different types of fluids/solids and industries.  The 3 different bag liners allow for multiple types of evacuation, including aseptic.  They also keep down residual waste using the Arena Bag Wringer which helps to get every last drop of usable product out.  Then when the Totes are empty there is no need to waste water and man power cleaning out the Tote because the fluid never touched it!  And unlike bulk containers there is not risk of batch-to-batch contamination.  When empty, the A330 collapses and can be stacked to save space and freight costs.

The majority of Marietta’s liquid products are pumped from the IBC shippers to its multiple packing lines using self-priming, double-diaphragm pumps and bottom-discharge valves. The bag-in-box film liners eliminate the cost and residual liquid waste associated with flushing and cleaning bulk tanks and tank-style IBCs, while eliminating the risk of batch-to-batchArena-330-TopEvacuat-Thumb contamination.


Each IBC can hold nearly 50 percent more product in the space required for four palletized 55-gal drums.  Constructed of a proprietary engineered resin that Arena will only describe as giving the load strength of steel while being lightweight, the collapsible outer plastic shipper comes with a drop-in cassette that incorporates a corrugated insert which helps operators position a three-ply PE liner bag (each ply is about 4 mils thick) inside the IBC and facilitates connection to the product pump.  Measuring 45″x48″x45″, the shipper folds down to about one-third its full height to reduce storage space needs while the tough, flexible liner can be configured for specific materials and applications.  The sanitary, sealed liner bags also add value in terms of product shelf life and cross contamination.  Like food, some ingredients in health and beauty aids have a limited shelf life.  The sealed bags prevent exposure of the liquids to oxygen and bacteria.  Small batches of product can be used before the shelf life is exhausted, minimizing waste.


Springer TES, Hands Free Tote Evacuation!

Recently, at the Vegas Pack Expo 2009, us here at Springer Pumps had a proto-type of our Springer TES at Arena’s Booth.  This Bin Evacuation System (BES) can accomodate most pumps, and requires less man power then any other system to empty a tote.  You simply wheel it over to the tote, connect it to the dip tube and run the pump output to where you want the fluid to go.  Then you start the pump and walk away.
The Springer TES will be available soon and more information will be posted here in the next few weeks.  Please check back, or Request to be added to our Email Newsletter.


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