DuCoNite: Extreme Corrosion Resistant Peristaltic Pumps From Bredel

Posted on by Sara Springer

Bredel DuCoNite 25 Corrosion Resistant Hose PumpBredel Pumps has released a new option for their Bredel 10, Bredel 15, Bredel 25, and Bredel 32 Peristaltic Pumps

The option is DuCoNite: A REVOLUTIONARY engineered coating for the pump housing, which provides ultimate corrosion protection against chemical spills, corrosive atmospheres and harsh environments.

The Bredel DuCoNite Offers all of the advantages of the regular Bredel HD Hose Pump models with the DuCoNite Coating.  This means that replacement hoses and parts are on the shelf, ready to go in the unlikely event that a part other then the hose needs to be replaced.

Features and Benefits:

• Self priming, Dry running, and Reversible

• No metal to metal product contact

• Liquid contained within the hose pump element

• Easy maintenance, low cost, short down time

• All titanium internal hardware

• Chemical Duty DuCoNite® metallic surface treatment of the cast iron pump housing, cover, rotor and bearing housing

• Optional hose leak/high lubricant level sensor

Find Brochures, Manuals and Datasheets HERE

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