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Complete Air & Air Wear Kits from Sandpiper®!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Complete Air & Air Wear Kits from Sandpiper®!

Is it time to freshen up the worn-out parts on your Sandpiper® pump? SPRINGER PUMPS ® can keep
your Sandpiper pump running smoothly with a replacement Air Kit or an Air Wear Kit.

What kind of kit do you need for your Sandpiper® Pump? Here is the difference:

Complete Air Kits include everything you need to do, a complete replacement of the main air valve and pilot valve assemblies as well as the elastomeric wear items (gaskets, seals, O-rings, bushings) included in the Air Wear Kits.

Air Wear Kits include just the elastomeric wear items (gaskets, seals-rings, bushings) to service the air side of the pump. They do not include a new main air valve or pilot valve assemblies found in the Complete Air Kits.

Sandpiper ® provides Complete Air & Air Wear Kits for 35 pump models, in stock and ready to ship. Protect your Sandpiper Pump’s performance, longevity and safety with one of their coordinating kits today. For more information or to request a quote contact SPRINGER PUMPS ® today.


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SPRINGER PARTS-More Than Pump Parts!

Posted on by Sara Springer

We know your manufacturing facility needs all kinds of replacement parts depending on the day. SPRINGER PARTS has your process system covered with thousands of direct replacement parts for hundreds of name brands, have you checked our SHOP BY BRAND page yet? 

SPRINGER PARTS has all your replacement parts including: 

Pump Parts: 

We carry replacement parts for many types of pumps including positive displacement, ANSI, centrifugal, progressive cavity, kits, sanitary, vacuum wastewater, and diaphragm pumps.  

Lift Stations: 

How about lift stations? SPRINGER PARTS has you covered there too. We carry enclosures, float weights, lift station base elbows, basin accessories, chains & components, rail brackets, lift out flanges, piping components, pump adapter flanges, pump switches and retrofit parts  

Mechanical Seals: 

Every industry needs a dependable mechanical seal. SPRINGER PARTS® carries AG/farm equipment seals, grinder & blender seals, heating & cooling equipment seals, homogenizer & emulsifier seals, industrial equipment seals, mechanical seals & parts, mixer seals, pump seals, sanitary equipment seals, and valve seals. 

Valve Parts: 

Yes, we carry an extensive line of replacement valve parts for sanitary valves, actuators, elastomers, housings, kits, seats, and stems. 

Liquid Handling Equipment Components & Parts 

Do you have spray-down equipment, washdown equipment, spray balls, rotary spray heads, power washers, or other specialized equipment for your niche industry? SPRINGER PARTS® carries hundreds of replacement liquid handling parts, sanitation equipment, and tank parts. 

If you can find the part number, you can quickly find its replacement on our site. Simply type in a complete or partial part number and you can instantly locate the items you need. 

Check out our complete direct replacement part catalog at 

Think Parts. Think Springer.


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Raise a Glass to Replacement Parts: SPRINGER PARTS’s Tank Equipment for Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries

Posted on by Sara Springer

Here at SPRINGER PARTS® we carry Tank Equipment Replacement Parts and Tank Equipment Repair Kits in stock, ready to ship to your location. We supply aftermarket pieces for many brands, including BrewTech®, Cedarstone®, Craftmaster Stainless®, Crawford Brewing & Distilling Equipment®, Glacier Tanks®, GPI®, GW Kent®, JVNW Inc®, Keg Factory®, Spokane Industries®. Grab your part number and type it into our search bar to quickly find the items you need for your specific equipment.

Additional features of our aftermarket parts and kits include a competitive price that typically averages 20-40% less than OEM. Most SPRINGER PARTS® items are always stock and ready to ship; keeping your brews flowing into the hands of your customers.

We offer the most common wear and repair parts for the brewing industry including round manways, rectangular manways, tube adapters, tri-clamp fittings, site glasses, flow gauges, and more.

Do you need a larger quantity of replacement parts? Are you not finding the part you need? Reach out to us, we are here to get your equipment fixed and operating at its full potential.

For more information, go to

Think Parts. Think Springer.

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Replacement Progressive Cavity Pump Parts From SPRINGER PARTS!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Looking for Replacement Progressive Cavity Pump Parts? SPRINGER PARTS has them!

Never again will you have to worry about where to find your next replacement part for your progressive cavity pump thanks to SPRINGER PARTS. We offer thousands of aftermarket products that supply our clients with affordable options for their equipment so your business can continue operating at optimal levels.

Examples of SPRINGER PARTS for your Progressive Cavity Pump:

  • Stators
  • Stator supports
  • Rotors
  • Driveshafts
  • Connecting rods
  • Suction housings
  • Suction bodies
  • Reducers
  • Body support gear joint kits

This is a sample of our extensive replacement parts list. We also have a search system that will locate your product with a full/partial serial number or item description. We have the parts you’re looking for, check out SPRINGER PARTS today.

Think Parts. Think Springer.

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Posted on by Sara Springer

It is time to replace some parts on your vacuum pump. Where are you going to go to find those specific parts for your specific pump? SPRINGER PARTS®! We offer thousands of aftermarket items that meet or exceed the performance of OEM parts at prices you can afford.

SPRINGER PARTS® carries many replacement Vacuum Pump Parts including:

  • Cones
  • Rotor vanes
  • Inlets
  • Outlets
  • Seals

Take a moment and check out our extensive product line. We know SPRINGER PARTS® has the replacement parts to get your vacuum pump up and removing air and gas molecules from your process with little to no downtime.

Think Parts. Think Springer®.


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SPRINGER PARTS Has Your Replacement Liquid Handling Replacement Parts!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Your job involves liquid, lots, and lots of liquid. Whether you are a professional power washer or head brewer, SPRINGER PARTS® has the replacement parts you need to keep your liquids flowing with little to no downtime. 

What replacement parts can SPRINGER PARTS® provide your business with? 

  • Seals 
  • O-rings 
  • Gaskets 
  • Pistons 
  • Rods 
  • Tips 
  • spray heads 
  • Hoses 
  • Nuts 
  • Bolts 

SPRINGER PARTS® also gives you the ease of finding parts through our search tool that allows you to enter a full or partial item number for quick, accurate results. Still cannot find that item? Reach us and a knowledgeable staff member will assist you. 

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Springer Parts Has Your Replacement Mechanical Seals and Components!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Are you looking for a replacement mechanical seal or component? Springer Parts has the part you are looking for.  

We have hundreds of products that fit your name brand equipment, you can find our extensive list of brands here.  

Our OEM and aftermarket Seal Replacements, Seal Components, and Seal Upgrades are competitively priced, typically 20-40% less than OEM. Performance specifications and warranty meet or exceed OEM. 

Parts we carry: 

  • Seals 
  • Static faces 
  • Rotating faces 
  • Springs 
  • Elastomers 

Springer Parts also has a search tool for entering exact or partial product numbers for quick part ordering. Still stumped about the part you need? Contact Springer Parts here. 

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Buy Your Replacement Pump Parts and Kits from SPRINGER PARTS!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Just like anything else that is used frequently, pumps need parts replaced and changed out. Where to get these essential items for your equipment? Just go to! 

Springer Parts has Repair, Rebuild and Service kits for popular Pumps, Mixer, and other process equipment. What specific types of kits do we offer our clients? Here is a quick list: 

Springer Parts offers quick ship times, often next day (not guaranteed). Our replacements are high quality, come with warranties comparable to OEM products and competitively priced 20-40%.  

Think Parts. Think Springer. 


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New! is Live!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Springer Pumps is proud to announce the launch of our new Replacement Parts site,!  The entire team at Springer Pumps as well as many others collaborating for months, thanks to everyone for all for their hard work! A special shout out to the staff at    ECreative Works, we couldn’t have made it happen without you!

Springer Parts is proud to offer thousands of replacement parts for most types of pumps.  The intuitive nature of our new site allows users to easily locate the specialty part they are looking for. No more cumbersome searching, just quick results.  We offer an extensive selection of aftermarket parts including:

  • Pump parts and kits
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Valve parts
  • Lift Station Parts
  • Liquid Handling Parts

Do you have an obsolete pump?  Not a problem. offers hard-to-find replacement parts for discontinued product lines and manufacturers.  Before you replace that outdated equipment, first log onto our site and find a cost-effective solution.

Another perk to is our continuous expansion of product lines.  Thousands of new parts are being added to our site, we make sure they are available to our clients as these items become available to the industry.

Check out, you’re going to find exactly the part you need at 20-40% less than OEM.  Have a question about our OEM quality aftermarket parts? Reach out to us any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Springer Parts Always Adding New Kits and Parts

Posted on by Sara Springer

Springer Parts New Kits 2020Springer Parts inventory of replacement parts and repair kits keeps expanding. We have several new kits for Alfa Laval, Fristam, and Waukesha pumps!

We also carry many upgrade parts. Check out our catalog links below.


New Repair Kits

Alfa Laval 9611922130 LKH 30, 40, 50, 60 PS KIT+ C/SC/E     Springer Parts P/N 9611922130SP

Alfa Laval 9630856474 SRU 4, PUMP SER KIT SC/SC/E     Springer Parts P/N 9630856474SP

Fristam 1802600695 FPR OSK 757 CO/SIC/C/F     Springer Parts P/N 1802600695SP

Waukesha 125021 U2 Mod 180/220 PSK SC/SC/FPM (U2105338)     Springer Parts P/N 125021SP

Alfa Laval C216DG-5-SFY-SC     Springer Parts P/N C216DG-5-SFY-SC

Alfa Laval C218/328-5SFY PUMP SVC KIT FPM     Springer Parts P/N C218/328-5SFYSP