Complete Air & Air Wear Kits from Sandpiper®!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Complete Air & Air Wear Kits from Sandpiper®!

Is it time to freshen up the worn-out parts on your Sandpiper® pump? SPRINGER PUMPS ® can keep
your Sandpiper pump running smoothly with a replacement Air Kit or an Air Wear Kit.

What kind of kit do you need for your Sandpiper® Pump? Here is the difference:

Complete Air Kits include everything you need to do, a complete replacement of the main air valve and pilot valve assemblies as well as the elastomeric wear items (gaskets, seals, O-rings, bushings) included in the Air Wear Kits.

Air Wear Kits include just the elastomeric wear items (gaskets, seals-rings, bushings) to service the air side of the pump. They do not include a new main air valve or pilot valve assemblies found in the Complete Air Kits.

Sandpiper ® provides Complete Air & Air Wear Kits for 35 pump models, in stock and ready to ship. Protect your Sandpiper Pump’s performance, longevity and safety with one of their coordinating kits today. For more information or to request a quote contact SPRINGER PUMPS ® today.